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We know there is always something to follow on TV for sports admirers.

The Best Sports Films Ever Made

We know there is always something to follow on TV for sports admirers. Summer is usually the quietest period of the year, especially when World Cup in football is moved to the winter days as is the case with Qatar 2022. If you are a fan of baseball or tennis, you will certainly have something to enjoy throughout the hot summer days. Of course, the action in top football competitions begins in late August, just before the new seasons in NFL (American football), NBA (basketball), or NHL (ice hockey). 

Nevertheless, if you are a fan of movies besides being a sports aficionado, we have got you covered. We’ve seen some fantastic sports films made over the last several decades. The choice is very wide and includes all sorts and genres, but we have decided to underline the three you just can’t miss (if there is anyone who has missed them by now). After all, as busy as sporting events are in the world, you can always find a couple of hours to watch a good movie before going to sleep. The results below have been provided by sports betting picks site betting Picks 4 you, who run a survey amongst American football fans trying to find a link between movies and teams supported. Stay tuned and revoke the memories with us.  

1 – Cool Runnings – 1993

Cool Runnings is a good old classic worth watching several times. The story is about the first-ever Jamaican bobsled team. Four men are pursuing their dreams of competing in the Olympics. They run into numerous obstacles in the process but somehow make it to Calgary in 1988. The real adventure begins at the very moment of their landing in icy-cold Canada. The film carries numerous important messages you can apply to every aspect of your life. It offers some super funny scenes and it is made according to the real-life story although it is worth noting that the director did not strictly follow the happenings in the real life. Nevertheless, this film definitely deserves the highest grades for so many reasons.  

2 – Rocky – 1976 

Rocky is easily the most famous sports film ever made. We don’t believe there is anyone who has not watched the famous Italian Stallion and his boxing challenges across five different parts. Obviously, you will get the best experience if you watch the first part (made in 1976) and then continue all the way to the fifth. The film tells the story of a young uneducated and rather average fighter who proved to the world to have what it takes to rise when it matters most. Rocky Balboa has always been the underdog in his fights and you kind of get the feeling that he has no chance of beating any of his rivals in all five parts. However, the Italian Stallion somehow always finds a way to delight the crowd and show that hard work and training can make your dreams come true even when the win seems impossible to achieve. 

3 – Space Jam- 1996

What kind of sports film article would it be without this legendary Warner Bros. Feature Animation film? You all know who Michael Jordan is. Well, the mere fact he stars in this movie says enough about it, right? The blend of Michael Jordan and Looney Tunes characters divided the critics at first but as time passed it broke records and became the most successful basketball movie ever made profit-wise. If there is anyone who has by any chance missed the clash between Jordan & Looney Tunes (led by Daffy Duck) against the aliens, this is the time to turn the TV on and find the movie. We promise you won’t regret it. 

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