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Are the sports you play really eco-friendly? Your carbon footprint could be higher than you think thanks to your equipment. Get the facts here.

What Sports Use Eco-Friendly Sporting Equipment?

Manufacturers develop and bring new sports product developments to market quickly to meet the different needs and changing personal preferences of users. This has resulted in a shorter product life cycle and increasing disposal rates and waste over time.

Furthermore, developments in sports equipment based on the employment of innovative techniques and high-performance materials have unwittingly imposed additional costs on the environment and societies compelled to cope with such things at their end of life.

Sustainability was present in the sports industry a few years ago and it is becoming popular each day. Some of the sports happen to be more eco-friendly than others. Running, Cycling, Surfing, and Kayaking are on the list with higher sustainability. 

Check out some examples of high sustainability in sports are listed below using equipment, made of natural materials or the production of equipment that does not require much of a waste.

  • Basketball

If you are a passionate Basketball player, then you need to have a deep understanding of the equipment you are using. Whether you are more into playing this sport outdoors at your local court or you are more into Indoor Basketball, you surely need a good sports ball – a basketball. If you know how regular basketballs are made, you already know the materials and their impact on the environment.

Luckily, nowadays big sports companies are turning to more sustainable production using eco materials to get the best quality sports balls without causing any harm to nature. When you start using basketball that is made of recycled materials, for your next game, you are surely contributing to a positive impact on nature and our existence.

Recycled materials used to produce a basketball are mostly rubber shoe soles and vehicle tires. In most cases, you can even exchange your sports ball for a brand new one in the factories.

  • Soccer

Another example where sustainability has found a place is in the production of soccer equipment, especially soccer balls. As the players are passing through the ball with their legs, the life of a soccer ball does not last long. It needs to be replaced as often, so it brings the best scores during the whole game.

Before sustainability kicked in sports, soccer balls were not made of natural materials, like it is the case nowadays. Mostly made of plastic, rubber, cotton, and animal products, these sports balls made of this combination are very hard for recycling. However, there are many organizations that are recycling old and used soccer balls and transforming them into brand new ones.

Many companies have started making sports balls for Soccer with more natural materials, like plants. Surprisingly, you can play with this eco soccer ball in any weather conditions, whether you are using it outdoors or indoors. These sports balls are usually made in different sizes. Size 5 Soccer Ball seems to be the easiest to control, especially if it is vegan, produced of only natural materials.

  • Volleyball

Like most team sports, Volleyball can be also played indoors and outdoors. However, Indoor Volleyball seems to be more popular among players. Using sustainable sports equipment for this sport is necessary if you want to contribute to a more healthy and safe environment.

 Materials used for producing Volleyball are 70% synthetics, which makes you question, how these sports balls can save the environment? Fortunately, many companies have already produced eco-friendly volleyballs, and the best indoor volleyball products are made of biodegradable and non-plastic materials, which are very soft and comfortable to touch.

Besides the mentioned three sports, there are many others that have started implementing sustainability in their equipment and their field, along with the clothes players should wear if they want to contribute to environmental responsibility and a better overall living.  

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