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Instead of relying on the advice of others, learn about how to choose the best skateboard by yourself. Here are the top 8 skateboards for beginners!


When asking about what is the best skateboard for beginners, you can get several answers coming from different people. Even when you visit different stores, websites, or ask different sellers, they can recommend a completely different choice. 

People who have some previous experience in this sport may be okay with the amount of confusing information; however, beginners who hardly know about skateboards can feel overwhelmed. 

Therefore, instead of relying on the advice of other people, why don’t you learn about how to choose a good skateboard by yourself and take a look at some reviews on the internet. By reading about those products, you would be able to find the most suitable one. 

In order to help newcomers to skateboarding learn more about the best skateboards to get started, I would like to show them the 8 best skateboards for beginners in this article. In case this post is not satisfying to you, don’t hesitate to search for the Best skateboard for beginners on Google for extra choices. 

8 Best Skateboards For Beginners in 2022


This is a 34-inch cruiser skateboard with a sweet single kick that can perform just like a thruster surfboard. With the large size, this board would be perfect for bombing hills or doing some fancy carving. 

With the kick-tail design, you won’t need to worry about the popping and sliding when cruising on any surface. Moreover, the graphics are specially designed by artist Erik Abel who has transformed this product into a super fun street cruiser. 


Another best beginner skateboard must be this Prism Grit 27 Cruiser Skateboard Complete. If you find your walk to school or the pub quite boring, why don’t you try out this amazing mini single cruiser to have a brand new experience on your way? Prism produces this product with the best components on the market and skaters will find it extremely easy to control and ride this board. 

The ease to commute is the number one criterion when choosing a cruiser board. With the bamboo ply placed on top of the maple and the comfortable concave, your feet will be locked in the ideal position when riding on this board.  


This Globe Dreams Breeze is a complete skateboard with a size of 7.625” equipped with Tensor trucks and Globe wheels. These components will assure riders with the smoothest rides no matter if you are a street skater or skateboarder at skate parks.


Element is probably the most famous name in the skateboarding industry which has several years of experience in manufacturing skateboards. This product can be used on all terrains and riders will have more space for errors when doing tricks. If your intention is to impress other skaters, the James Bond graphics on this skateboard will get the job done. 


If you have ever read about the best skateboard brands, you must have heard about Blind skateboard with this Late Night Youth 7.375 Skateboard Complete specially designed for young riders. Kids from 9 to 13 years old would be fascinated by the structure of this skateboard as well as its narrow size of it. 

Young skaters are often fond of rapid progression; therefore, the efficient concave will be perfect for them in exploring all styles of skateboarding without any difficulties with an oversized board. Moreover, if you have time to read other reviews, you can see that this product always stays as the best skateboard for beginners.


Are you a pure street skater or are you a little bit bulky? If yes, this is the best beginner skateboard for you. Anchor trucks, Real 52mm wheels, and smooth-rolling bearings are perfect for street skaters. The deck is made of hard rock maple so customers need not worry about the durability of the board. If you find getting separated components to build a skateboard takes so much time, this can be a great option.


This product is manufactured by Almost – another prestigious name in the skateboarding industry. Moreover, this is a premium board with high-quality parts and the construction is at the top level. 

What makes this premium board special is that Almost the company only presses a single deck at a time; therefore, riders can feel exactly how the concave on the board affect their skating session. In order to keep the allowed weight, the manufacturer uses epoxy-based resins in order to reduce the weight and create a strong deck. After all, this board is the best option as long as you can afford this premium product.


Another premium choice is this Toy Machine skateboard which is equipped with 5.25” Ruckus trucks, ABEC 5 bearings, and 99A 52mm wheels manufactured by the same brand. This company was established in the early 90s by Ed Templeton and from then, it has influenced so many skaters on the way they skate and the product they look for. 


Since you don’t have much knowledge about skateboards and their accessories, I think the most suitable place for newbies would be the internet where many informative articles are shared by pro skaters. 

When you finally pick a skateboard that you think to be the most suitable, you should head to a local skate shop and ask for it. In the best case that the store has it, you can try it out to see whether it suits you or not. Otherwise, remember to read the reviews carefully before ordering them off the internet. 


Choosing the very first skateboard can be super challenging; therefore, skaters should take enough time analyzing the necessary information to understand better about skateboards and skateboarding before making up their minds. If they have a friend who has experience with this sport, it would be best to ask them for help. Hopefully, every new skater can pick the right skateboard for their first skating session.

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