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These Friday Night Smackdown memes are raw power

Friday Night Smackdown memes – there’s two kinds. There are the ones about wrestling, and then there are the ones about normal everyday life that take advantage of the wonderfully dramatic nature of Friday Night Smackdown to create a good laugh.

We love both so we grabbed all our favorites to share.

Everyday memes

Existential crisis

That right there is the face of a man having an existential crisis. While we may not have to deal with this specific issue, we still feel your pain John Cena.

Mom phones

How is it that all mom phones are like this? How is this a universal experience?

Someone, please teach our moms how to save their phone batteries. No wonder they’re always standing next to an outlet while texting.

Not cool

School is tough enough, let alone getting reprimanded in a group setting.

Bus windows

A true skill. Anyone who can do this should be feared and revered for many years to come.

Black Friday

On the bright side it’s possible this year Black Friday might be canceled altogether.

Wrestling memes


Wrestling storylines are sometimes more complicated and winding than soap operas.

Don’t question it

You should show this to someone who doesn’t know anything about wrestling, then tell us what they said in the comments below.

Hype man

We wish we had someone that energetic in our corner. Do you know how pumped we’d feel all the time?

Never been injured . . . yet

Sounds like you should knock on some wood real quick – just in case.

You okay buddy?

Let this image be a warning to you. Heed it. Do not follow in their footsteps.

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