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In fantasy football on ESPN, Taysom Hill has dual eligibility as both a tight end & a QB. Here are the best Twitter reactions to the situation.

The Taysom Hill and fantasy football debacle: Twitter’s best reactions

New Orleans Saints quarterback (QB) Drew Brees will miss several weeks after being injured with multiple cracked ribs and a collapsed lung. Many expected former Tampa Bay Buccaneers starting QB Jameis Winston to take over. Friday morning, the Saints surprised fans with the announcement that Taysom Hill would be starting on Sunday against the Atlanta Falcons. 

In fantasy football on ESPN, Hill has dual eligibility as both a tight end & a QB, leading to many putting Hill in their TE slot, despite Hill starting at QB. The fantasy football community has been freaking out since many teams will be starting two QBs due to this loophole. Here are the best Twitter reactions to the Taysom Hill fantasy situation. 

A funny situation

Even though many fantasy teams will be unfairly beaten due to this loophole, seeing a QB in the TE slot is still pretty funny, even if it gives a team a ridiculous advantage

A race to the finish

Taysom Hill wasn’t on a lot of fantasy rosters before this week. However, after the announcement that Hill is starting, every fantasy player is flooding to the waiver wire to hopefully pick him up before anybody else.

Stop the steal

Many fantasy players believe starting Hill as a TE gives teams an unfair advantage, especially those who have to play against teams who are starting Hill. Many will do anything in their power to make sure Hill can’t be eligible to start in the TE slot. 

It’s a very bad day

This Stephen A. Smith meme perfectly captures how someone who’s playing someone with Hill probably feels after the announcement by the Saints was made. 

It’s good to be bad

If you have Hill, it makes sense you would start him as your TE. However, you still have to recognize you are slightly evil for taking advantage of this eligibility loophole. 

ESPN is crazy

Why is ESPN the only fantasy football provider who hasn’t changed Hill’s dual eligibility? It doesn’t make much sense. Apparently, ESPN loves to create chaos. 

Yahoo knows how to be fair

Unfortunately, if you’re not using ESPN for fantasy football, then you can’t take advantage of Hill. You can still start Hill at QB, but you won’t have the two QB advantage. You might just have to play fairly this week. 

Chaos just needs a little push

The decision to start Hill as a TE is certainly sending fantasy football players crazy. If you play, your group chat is definitely having an argument about whether this should be allowed or not.


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