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If boxing rings aren't enough for you, then these films about boxing are the best addition and a real breath of air for real fans of the game.

Famous boxing films

Boxing is undoubtedly a game of all time. From its beginnings to the present day, it continues to occupy an important niche in the sport and boasts an army of thousands of fans. According to many, it is boxing – the very competition between two opponents, which is sure to be a winner.

If we look at it philosophically, this kind of sports competition is often identified with human life, where the fight is an eternal companion, and various techniques are necessary to reach your goal.

But no more philosophy, because today we just want to relax and watch a good movie. If boxing rings aren’t enough for you, then interesting movies about boxing are the best addition and a real breath of air for real fans of the game.

Fat City,” 1972

The story of where former athletes go. What do you do when your life in big sports is over, and you are no longer able to hold your punches in the real ring? In this drama, the viewer is allowed to look at the world of boxing from a very different perspective – brutal, sometimes depressing, and sad.

“Rocky”, 1976

There’s probably no doubt that this film should be mentioned at the top of our list. And it’s not even that it is one of the “oldest”, the main argument is that it can be called the best boxing movie of the last 30 years. “Rocky” with its modest budget of 1 million dollars managed to collect 225 million dollars at the box office! On top of that, it won three Oscar statuettes, including one for best film of the year, as well as worldwide acclaim and endless love. It is believed that this film was the finest hour for Sylvester Stallone, who starred in it.

“Raging Bull”, 1980

An exhilarating sports drama from the genius Martin Scorsese. You don’t have to talk about it, you just have to watch it and reflect on what you’ve seen for a long time afterward. The movie is based on the biography of an American boxer, born in Italy, who had once won the middleweight title. But his life is not a fairy tale: the film reveals all the difficulties and horrors of the sport, and its impact on the athletes, which certainly can not be called positive. The main role is played by the young Robert De Niro, who perfectly coped with his character’s inarticulate temper, for which he won the Oscar.


“The Hurricane”, 1999

Next on our list is the inspiring and impressive film about the boxer Rubin Hurricane, played in the best possible way by the inimitable Denzel Washington. If you think, that it is just another picture of endless rings and confrontations, you are wrong, because the director dug much deeper and put the problems of human inequality, racial harassment, and life injustice in one plot. In general, it is a must-see film.

“Ali”, 2001

Whoever is interested in the fate and life of perhaps one of the most famous American boxers of the last century, Muhammad Ali, will definitely enjoy this film. The role of the legendary athlete was masterfully performed by a Hollywood star, Will Smith, which is saying a lot. The script includes the most interesting and eventful 10 years of his life, the period when he changed his religion, found himself, and won a grand victory in dozens of important rings.

“The Million Dollar Baby”, 2004

After its release on the big screens, this film managed to win the hearts of millions, and it is not only boxing fans who are among its admirers. Maybe it was the genius director Clint Eastwood, who, by the way, played one of the leading roles, or, maybe, the main character, a girl who always wanted to box. Boxing is not a game for the weak, and women’s boxing is certainly a cruel thing, which is clearly displayed in the film.

“Knockdown,” 2005

Another story about a famous heavyweight boxer who went through a lot to get his victories. One day he drops out of the world of big boxing, but he does not despair and tries his best to support his family, hoping that he will be able to return to the ring. And here such an opportunity arises. Will the protagonist get his chance?

“The Fighter”, 2010

An interesting drama about the fate of a rather famous Irish boxer and his less successful younger brother. It should be noted that films on this subject matter often win good awards, and “The Fighter” was no exception. Christian Bale, who worked hard on his role, received the highest accolades: the Oscar statuette and the Golden Globe to complete the set.

“Southpaw”,  2015

The protagonist of the film is Billy Hope. His life has been fabulous. He has a beloved daughter and a beautiful wife, and Billy himself is a world champion boxer. One day, that whole fairy tale came to an end. His wife dies in tragic circumstances, and the champion himself is disqualified and stripped of his parental rights. To get his life back on track, the man has a lot to go through.

“Bleed for This” 2016

The biopic about American professional boxer Vinnie Pacienza, nicknamed The Pazmanian Devil. A two-time world champion, at the peak of his athletic career Vinnie gets into a serious car accident and is practically bedridden with a broken neck. Doctors tell him it’s the end of boxing, but Vinnie the Devil does not give up – when the fractures heal, he returns to training under the guidance of famous coach Kevin Rooney, returns a year later, risking his life to shine in the ring. Sports drama from “Boiler Room” director Ben Younger and producer Martin Scorsese.

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