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Indeed, a high-quality snow eBike helps a lot in winter, but to make this useful tool last longer, you should maintain it regularly. Here are some tips about snow eBikes maintenance:

How to Choose a Snow EBike for Winter Cycling?

Winter is coming, along with snow and an energy shortage. Fuel price keeps rising, intensifying the cost of commuting. Gradually, people find a more economical, convenient, and environmental-friendly option – riding electric bikes. However, normal electric bikes cannot handle outdoor cycling in winter, which snow, temperature, and water can really challenge. But you can still find a suitable one – this article will help you figure out how to choose a snow eBike for usage in winter.

What Are the Benefits of Snow EBikes in Winter?

By riding snow eBikes, you can get the following benefits:

  • Less budget on commuting. No fuel fees now!
  • Less carbon lifestyle. Contribute your effort to environmental protection.
  • More convenience. Let snow eBikes finish the last mile.
  • Enjoy the beautiful snow scene. You can ride the snow eBike to anywhere with beautiful snowscapes, like forests, mountains, and farms.
  • Healthier and fitter body. Scientific research shows that freezing weather training is only good for physical health, such as burning more body fat and strengthening your heart and lungs, but it can also help boost your mood over winter.

How to Choose a Snow EBike for Winter Cycling?

Considering the snow, temperature, and water in winter, you should notice the safety and protective features of the snow eBikes. To be more specific, you can take the following factors into consideration.

  • Tire 

Tire plays a significant role in avoiding flips on snowy roads. The larger the contact area and the rougher the tire’s surface, the better the ground gripping ability. That is why you should choose an all-terrain fat tire electric bike. All-terrain fat tires are born for flippy roads with snow, mud, gravel, or sand. 

  • Power

Another factor to consider is power. Riding uphill can be quite tiring and dangerous when the snow eBike has insufficient power to reach the top. Once it stops in the middle of the hill, you will be at risk of losing your balance and falling from the e-bike. Therefore, a powerful snow eBike is always recommended.

  • Brake

Stopping the snow eBike on the ground with snow and ice is challenging, especially when you ride at high speed. Also, riding in snow means there may be some mud and stone splashed into the brake device, which needs to be cleaned regularly. So, what you need is a functional and easy-to-maintain brake.

  • Battery

The low temperature in winter will freeze the electrolyte inside the battery, slowing down the chemical reaction speed and lowering its capacity. Compared with a lithium-ion battery, a lead-acid battery is much more vulnerable to low temperatures since it highly depends on the chemical reaction. Therefore, it is wise to choose snow eBikes with lithium-ion batteries. 

  • Display

Water penetration is a display killer to many snow eBikes. You can check the IP rating to see whether the snow eBike you want to buy is waterproof or not.

How to Maintain Snow EBikes?

Indeed, a high-quality snow eBike helps a lot in winter, but to make this useful tool last longer, you should maintain it regularly. Here are some tips about snow eBikes maintenance:

  • Keep the battery charged. This is especially important in cold weather, as the battery can lose charge faster in freezing temperatures.
  • Avoid getting the bike too wet. Snow and ice can quickly damage the electrical components of the bike if they get too wet.
  • Lubricate the chain regularly. This will help keep it from rusting and freezing in cold weather.
  • Inspect the tires frequently. Make sure they are properly inflated and that there are no cracks or holes that could cause a flat tire.
  • Store the bike indoors when not in use. This will help protect it from the elements and extend its lifespan.
  • Take care of any rust or corrosion regularly. Prevent further damage caused by dirt, mud, and water to your snow eBike 

SAMEBIKE Fat Tire Snow EBike Is What You Need

Find your winter cycling companion from SAMEBIKE. Their 750-Watt Fat tire eBikes meet the strict requirements of high-quality snow eBikes. 

  • Tire: SAMEBIKE fat tire eBikes are equipped with 26″X 4.0″ all-terrain CST tire, which not only provides better grip and traction but also can absorb shocks.
  • Power: SAMEBIKE’s 750W brushless geared motor makes the snow eBikes powerful enough for cruising or commuting. They support an effortless ride even at a 40-degree-slope hill.
  • Brake: SAMEBIKE adopts durable mechanical disc brakes, protecting your safety and allowing frequent maintenance. 
  • Battery: Their 720Wh battery comes with ZN2500MAH battery cells, freeing you from worries about no power in the middle of your journey.
  • Display: These fat tire eBikes have installed S830 LCD display, and you can view the PAS level, cruise control, riding modes, and more with a glance. 

The good news for you is that SAMEBIKE fat tire eBikes are on sale now – you can save up to $290.73 on buying them! Do not miss their Black Friday discount and grab your favorite snow eBikes! 

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