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Top 10 Best Gambling Movies of All Time

Is the dinner party coming up, and are you thinking about having a gambling-themed film night afterwards? Or do you fancy having a wild short vacation in Vegas?

Well, it is recommended for you to have a gambling movie come to the rescue. Such films typically feature all you might need to know about gaming houses and a quick history lesson on the lifestyle of gamblers.

So, how do you know which title to pick? Well, that’s where we come in. We’ve compiled the top gambling movies to watch in this article. Stick along.

21 (Robert Luketic, 2008)

Although this title packs only a measly 6.8 out of 10 stars on IMDB, that’s far less than what it deserves. While the movie edges toward the comical side of things, the fun and action-packed plot twists certify it as one of the most entertaining gambling-themed flicks ever.

Modeled on the true story of undergrad students, 21 is about the tale of some MIT undergrads who acquired the uncanny skills of counting cards from their professor. After several tries and retrials, they eventually cashed millions in grand winnings from the Las Vegas Strip.

Full Roller: The Stu Ungar Story (A. W. Vidmer, 2003)

If you are well in tune with happenings regarding Poker, then you wouldn’t need to look up Stu Ungar on Google. He’s quite famous and set a world record years ago for being the very first gambler to win three Main Event Tournaments consecutively. Nonetheless, he squandered most of the winnings and prize money in unsuccessful bets on horse racing.

The Cincinnati Kid (Norman Jewison, 1965)

Set in the early 1900s, the film chronicles the adventurous trails of the protagonist, known simply as the Kid. The Kid must brace against the constant barrage of betrayals and deadly assassination attempts if he’s to have any shot at improving his lot. He must outperform Lancey, a foremost contemporary, at high stakes to make good on his ambitions.

The movie packs in everything you may want from a thriller flick, the guns and the constant flow of treacherous women around a stoic alpha male icon. You could learn a trick or two from the old-time bluffing strategies used by the Kid and apply them in reality when playing at any modern casino. It is possible to do so by checking the reviews of the new Australian online casinos 2022, the number of gaming options, including Poker, will particularly facilitate this. The gaming options aside, you only need a deposit as low as $1 to get a shot at winning real money. 

Rounders (John Darl, 1998)

The main character, Mike McDermott – played by Matt Damon – must defeat Teddy, a deft Russian table Poker game player, if he’s to get any shot at paying his college fees for that session. His girlfriend doesn’t like the idea of being associated with a gambler and threatens to walk if he doesn’t call it quits.

Mike is considering giving in until his close bud shows up and is threatened with a stale debt by Teddy. The movie is quite a masterpiece with its remarkable weaving of drama with gambling. You’re sure to pick up a thing or two.

The Hangover (Todd Phillips, 2009)

While The Hangover is not really a gambling-themed flick, many scenes featuring gambling elements litter the video throughout. It is centered around Doug, who, on the eve of his wedding, decides to set out to Vegas alongside his three friends – Alan, Stu and Phil – for a weird form of a bachelor’s party.

After rounding up the party, the friends discover Doug got lost, and they can’t locate him. As it is a few hours before his wedding, the friends have to work off their hangover. The movie – more of a comedy – draws in nice appraisals from so many people that Sony quickly released a sequel and a third part in 2013.

Casino Royale (Martins Campbell, 2006)

Arguably one of the most iconic movies ever, the film trails after the wild adventures of James Bond. Bond is tasked with wrecking Le Chiffre financially. Le Chiffre happens to be a wealthy financier of global terrorism.

Nonetheless, every single release from the 007 franchise tends to be a hit, but people seemed to vibe more with Casino Royale, as evidenced by its record-breaking revenue at the box office.

Every James Bond fan is thrilled to feel just like their favorite character. In order to do so one might find the best online casino among the ones reviewed on NJcasimile, choose a game, and start enjoying this exciting yet secure adventure.

Casino (Martin Scorsese, 1995)

A classic example of a book-turned-movie, this film has significantly deep undertones. Ace, the protagonist, has it all going well for him. He has a nice house, a wife, and great kids, frankly everything a man could ever want. Nevertheless, all threatens to turn upside down when his one-time bud, Santoro, returns to town. On the surface, Santoro seems like a well-behaved gentleman.

Ace knows better, though. Santoro has deep connections with the local mafia and is a go-to hitman for many other gangs. The flick does an excellent job of contrasting the seeming luxuriousness of the high-flying gambling life and the brutalities that mold it into ensuring it stays that way.

Honeymoon in Vegas (Andrew Bergman, 1992)

Jack Singer, played by Kevin Spacey, gets in trouble by losing $65,000 to Tommy Korman on the eve of his wedding. As luck would have it, he has no funds to clear his debt, and he has to leave Betsy, his fiancée, with Korman as some sort of odd insurance.

Things get even more sour when Betsy starts to like Korman. Who eventually wins her hand in marriage? Jack or Korman? Check out the movie to find out.

Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels (Guy Ritchie, 1998)

Four friends have justifiable grounds to try and wreck Hatchet Harry financially. Harry happens to be a well-known local gangster. His preferred gameplay of choice is the classic 3-card brag. However, things go awry when the group leader, Eddy, gets cheated out by Harry.

After the rigged session, the friends are stuck with a £500,000 debt to clear up, or Harry takes away Eddy’s dad’s bar. Who wins? Check out the film to know how it eventually went down.

Oceans 11 (Steven Soderbergh, 2001)

Oceans 11 is the sole casino heist movie on our list. Danny Ocean and his teammates set their sights on the three largest casinos in Vegas. In Oceans Eleven, the gambling halls are owned by Terry Benedict, a slick oil magnate. So, are they successful in looting the gaming hall coffers? Check it out.

To Summarize 

From heist flicks to action-packed thrillers, there are certainly a lot of gambling-themed titles to keep you entertained for a while. Whichever you choose to settle for, the choice is entirely up to you.

Our suggestion would be to check out Todd Phillips’ Hangover first, as it’s easily the best directed and with a comically-inclined plot that’s sure to get you rolling on the floor long before you know it. While the exploits of the protagonists might be crazy, it’d be crazier if you chose to undertake any of the adventures they faced. Nonetheless, you’re likely to pick up a thing or two that’d mold you into a better gambling enthusiast from watching these movies.

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