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'Ocean's Eleven' is an all-time classic heist movie starring George Clooney and Brad Pitt. Take a look back at what made the film so spectacular.

10 facts about ‘Ocean’s Eleven’

The star-studded Ocean’s Eleven is one of Hollywood’s biggest films, part of the Ocean’s trilogy. Released in 2001, the American heist comedy by Steven Soderbergh and written by Ted Griffin is a remake of the 1960 Rat Pack of the same name. This features some of Hollywood’s biggest stars.

It is a tale where George Clooney is to play Danny Ocean and others like Ryan, who plans to steal $160 million from casino owner Terry Benedict (Garca). Ocean’s ex-wife Tess is in love with him. Ocean and Ryan are good friends, and they plan to steal the money from Benedict (Roberts).

Following its release, the heist motion picture was a big hit at the box office and with critics; it generated $450 million around the world. Here are 10 interesting facts about the motion picture that you didn’t know about.

Mark Wahlberg turned down a role

Matt Damon, a former Calvin Klein model, was given the character of pickpocket Linus Caldwell. Therefore, Wahlberg’s loss turned out to be his gain in what could also pass as one of the best casino movies ever made. Planet of the Apes, a redo of a 1960s classic, proved to be more appealing. Despite the latter’s critical thrashing, he doesn’t seem to think he’s been left out.

The crew took over the Bellagio Hotel & Casino

Hotels in Las Vegas usually don’t allow TV production to interfere with their business during the evening hours. Producer Jerry Weintraub arranged with his friend Bellagio owner Steve Wynn, so the crew had a lot of freedom. Casino floor: The flick would take up about 30% of the floor at any time, and the hotel would also close down its famous fountains, valet parking, and botanical gardens. But the director knew that the Bellagio was getting a lot of money for being so nice. He said it’s as good as a two-hour commercial for the city and the hotel in the production notes. Finding secure online casinos similar to movie casinos is not easy. But they are the ones who offer the best privacy, security, and even anonymity services.

Cast members from the original flick appear in cameos

Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, and Sammy Davis Jr. had all died when the co-stars stepped into their roles in the 2001 recreation of the picture. Two of the show’s surviving actors may make cameo appearances. For a brief moment, Henry Silva and Angie Dickinson, who played Roger Corneal and Beatrice in the first version, appear in the MGM Grand fighting scene. This was the final on-screen appearance for both Dickinson and Silva.

There was a significant pay cut for everyone who acted

Julia Roberts’ paycheck wasn’t as big as she was used to getting. With the script and a 20 Dollar bill, Clooney sent a bold message to Roberts: “I hear you’re getting 20 a picture now.” This is a reference to her record $20 million paychecks for the flick. To commence, He also set an excellent example by willing to cut his salary and the other A-list acts. The picture generated $450 million, five times its budget and more than three times the Ocean’s gang’s haul. The reasoning behind his action was tied to the fact that they could get paid if they couldn’t start production.

Don Cheadle asked not to be credited

The motion picture has a lot of people in the credits, but there’s one big name that’s not there, Don’s. He asked for his performance as explosives expert Basher Tarr to be uncredited. All because he was ashamed of how bad the character’s accent turned out but because of some things that happened behind the scenes that he didn’t appreciate. Other unknown sources say that he wanted to be at the top of the list with Clooney, Pitt, etc. When he was told no, he allegedly asked that his name be removed from the list entirely. He, however, apologizes at the Los Angeles Film Festival.

Brad P. came up with the idea for Rusty’s snacking habit

Brad Pitt’s idea was to have career criminal Robert “Rusty” Ryan always snacking on food while filming. In his mind, the actor thought that square meals wouldn’t be possible with all the planning that goes into a multi-million dollar casino heist. He ate 40 shrimp because so many shots had to be done over.

Wes Anderson’s; The Royal Tenenbaums that took three high-profile actors from the picture

Virgil and Turk, two brothers, were supposed to be played by Luke and Owen Wilson. Later, both dropped out to do Anderson’s flick. When Danny Glover, who was supposed to act as Frank, decided to join Team Tenenbaum, he changed his name to Frank. Bernie Mac, Scott Caan, and Casey Affleck moved into their old places.

George Clooney lost 25 consecutive hands of blackjack on set

However, the actors still can’t agree on who won the most money from their games. GC says that MD was the winner, but the latter says that BP is the winner like his fellow idol Holly Marie Combs. As for MD, he had played at the World Series of Poker and starred in the high-stakes drama Rounders before joining. GC, on the other hand, was a complete novice at gambling. You can enjoy a game of poker and other table or card games in the new online casino that gives an array of games to choose from as well as awesome customer support.

Soderbergh wasn’t sure he was the right person to direct

With all the accolades in his name, it is hard to believe that a pioneer of independent American film who won an Oscar for Traffic had doubts. He was not sure if he was good enough for the heist because of the level of technical skill that goes into making a picture like it. Seeing the movie’s success must have had him feeling better because he also made other sequels, twelve and thirteen

The cast had to form a bond

Ocean’s Eleven works because the heist crew has a natural sense of friendship and trust. It was also built up because the producers said that all the main actors had to be as friendly off-camera as they were on.


These fun facts all encompass the known and unknown bits of Ocean’s 11, a subset of director Steven Soderbergh’s Ocean’s trilogy.

Because of how awesome the motion picture is, it set the standard for many heist flicks that have come after. A cool story based on a lot of classics and has also been a source of inspiration for a lot of other things.

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