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What Is The Uses Of Acrylic Items

Acrylic is an important plasticity polymer material developed earlier, which can be used to make decorations for various daily necessities. Hamfai uses this material to make keychains, stand cards, coasters and other customizable products. Best of all, it has crystal-like transparency, with a light transmittance of over 92%, a light transmittance comparable to glass, but it is not as fragile as glass and is lighter than glass. So Hamfai chooses acrylic as raw material to make products that can be customized according to your preferences.

The ability to customize your favorite acrylic project is because of its properties. At the same time, different processes can be added to the acrylic material for your choice. On the basis of Clear Acrylic, there can be: Epoxy & Glitter Epoxy Acrylic, Holographic Acrylic, Rainbow Acrylic, Colorful Acrylic. Hamfai can provide you with these options, not only that, but also not limited to the design shape of your picture and the size you want to choose while customizing, you are free to create.

Properties Of The Acrylic Items

Why is acrylic preferred over other plastic or glass materials? Here are some notable features of acrylic projects that you should know about:

  1. It has excellent transparency, soft light and clear vision, and acrylic colored with dye has a good color development effect.
  1. Acrylic board has excellent weather resistance, high surface hardness and surface gloss, and good high temperature performance.
  1. It has strong protective performance, water resistance and oil resistance, and has a good protective effect on the coated object.
  1. The wear resistance of acrylic plate is close to that of aluminum material, with good stability and corrosion resistance of various chemicals.

Different Ways You Can Use Acrylic Items

It’s relatively easy to make custom acrylic products, so you can customize them to your liking, make creativity reality, and use them however you want. Here are the different ways you can use acrylic in your everyday life:

Decoration and Household Items

Acrylic material is widely used in making decorations and household items. For example, it can be used to make transparent photo frames, keychains, vases, fridge magnets and drinking glasses, etc. The transparency of acrylic products makes them ideal for displaying items.

Commercial and Retail Displays

Acrylic materials are also widely used in commercial and retail industries. It can be used to make product standee, display boxes, showcases and product logos, etc. The clarity and durability of acrylic products allow them to effectively display products and grab the attention of customers.

Advertising and Publicity

Acrylic materials play an important role in the field of advertising and publicity. It can be used to make billboards, signboards, light boxes and display boards, etc. Acrylic products can be processed into various shapes and designs through cutting, engraving and printing processes to meet the needs of advertising and publicity.

Lighting and Lighting Fixtures

Acrylic material has good light transmission, making it an important material in the field of lighting. It can be used to make lamp shades, lamps and light guide plates, etc. Acrylic products can evenly disperse light and create soft lighting effects.

Anime Peripherals

Acrylic plastic is commonly used for making anime peripherals. From little custom keychains to standee, acrylic is the first material choice for making the name peripherals. Many vendors, like the Hamfai, offer customized services to let you design the type and the print you want.

Conference Gifts

Had a successful conference and made it even more successful by hosting a giveaway at the end of the meeting. And what can be better than giving something made of a durable material like acrylic? You can create a bag full of acrylic products like acrylic charms, paper clips, Custom pins, custom keychains, acrylic bag charms, etc. Moreover, it is another excellent way of promoting your brand.

Are you looking for a reliable service that can help you create some cute little acrylic items that have your touch? Then Hamfai should be your go-to site. With various acrylic custom keychains to the pins and the availability of customizing, you can trust them to give you what you want.

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