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MPCHS Phase 2 | Payment Plan 2022 | Location | Map | NOC

Multi Gardens Phase 2 is an upcoming residential project located in Rawalpindi. The project is located on Chakri Road. Multi Gardens is developed by MPCHS and is a well-known brand in the field of real estate. The project is soon to be approved by Rawalpindi Development Authority RDA. Multi Gardens Phase 2 offers an array of modern facilities and amenities at affordable costs. Here’s a few details regarding Multi Gardens and why this project is a top option if you’re planning for a way to get into real property in Rawalpindi.

Developers & Owners

Multi Gardens Phase 2 is created by MPCHS. It is a brand new initiative from MPCHS, which is the Multi Professionals Co-operative Housing Society. The opening of Multi Gardens Phase 2 has provided a boost to the real estate market in Pakistan. The MPCHS is confident that it will expand the real estate sector in Rawalpindi. Investors are extremely satisfied since they are confident that their investments are secure with MPCHS. Multi Gardens has delivered multiple projects, and some are as follows:

Full Article is here : MPCHS Phase 2 | Payment Plan 2022 | Location | Map | NOC

Previous Projects of MPCHS

  • Tele-Gardens F-17 Islamabad
  • Multi Professionals Co-operative Housing Society (MPCHS) B-17
  • Silver Oaks
  • Multi Residencia and Orchards Islamabad
  • Islamabad Gardens E-11/1 and E-11/2

Multi Gardens Phase 2 Location & Map

The site for Multi Gardens Phase 2 is perfect because it is located close to Chakri Road. The MPCHS chose this area because of its close accessibility. The location Chakri Road was specially chosen because of its affordability as well as its accessibility and surface area. The secure, safe and simple place to access makes it an attractive area to enjoy a luxurious life in Rawalpindi.



  • Located at Chakri Road near M-2 Motorway and Thalian Interchange
  • Nearly 15 min drive away from Islamabad International Airport
  • Almost 5 minutes drive from Main Chakri Road
  • Almost 6 minutes drive from Thalian Road
  • Almost 7 minutes drive from Lahore-Islamabad Motorway (M-2)
  • Almost 1.5 km away from Thalian Interchange
  • Almost 12 minutes drive from Islamabad-Rawalpindi Interchange
  • Almost 11 minutes drive from Girja Road
  • Almost 15 minutes drive from Srinagar Highway
  • Almost 20 minutes drive from Islamabad-Peshawar Motorway (M-1)
  • Almost 25 minutes drive from Rawalpindi Ring Road

Nearby Landmarks & Places

  • Fatima Jinnah Women’s University
  • Bestway Cement Suppliers
  • Shadman Town
  • Capital Smart City
  • Blue World City
  • Al Haram City
  • New Iqra City Society
  • Dhok Chathianwali
  • Dhok Sarparaswali
  • Dhok Jumen
  • Dhok Natya
  • Lambigarh
  • Kolian Par
  • Adiala
  • M-2 Lahore Islamabad Motorway

NOC Status

The No Objection Certificate (NOC) of Multi Gardens Phase 2 will soon be approved by Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA). Sky Marketing always suggests seeking out the status of the NOC from the official administration of Multi Gardens Phase 2. Investors also trust projects with legal standing, and that’s the reason why MPCHS is committed to meeting all of the conditions that allow it to be a legitimate housing society.


The master plan for Multi Gardens Phase 2 is created by a qualified and experienced team. Engineers, architects, and town planners offer their services to Multi Gardens. MPCHS is the one that has established the best quality standards for infrastructure development. This is why making a purchase in Multi Gardens Phase 2 will be the best investment you make in your lifetime. Both commercial and residential plot types are available as part of Multi Gardens.

Multi Gardens Phase 2 Residential Plots

Phase II of Multi Gardens offers an assortment of residential plots of various sizes, such as:

  • 5 Marla Plot for Sale
  • 8 Marla Plot for Sale
  • 10 Marla Plot for Sale
  • 14 Marla Plot for Sale
  • 1 Kanal Plot for Sale
  • 2 Kanal Plot for Sale

Multi Gardens Phase 2 Commercial Plots

One of the most lucrative investments in any housing scheme is the commercial plot. Multi Gardens phase 2 has not yet disclosed the commercial plot details of the project. However, stay tuned to MPCHS official website to get information on commercial plots.

Multi Gardens Phase 2 Payment Plan

The pricing plan of Multi Gardens Phase 2 will be affordable for investors of all levels. There will be a 20 percent down payment, which is required for all buyers. There will be five years of simple installments to be paid for all investors. Prices start from between 2,470,000 and 13,580,000. The plots are offered in five-year installments that are easy to pay.

Plot Size Downpayment Total Price
5.5 Marla 580,000 3,080,000
8 Marla 680,000 4,180,000
10 Marla 780,000 5,480,000
14 Marla 880,000 6,780,000
1 Kanal 1,080,000 8,980,000
2 Kanal 1,680,000 16,980,000


5 Marla Multi Gardens Phase 2 Rawalpindi

  • The 5 Marla total price is offered at Rs. 3,080,000/-
  • The membership fee is Rs. 20,000/-
  • The 5 Marla total cost of land is offered at Rs. 3,060,000/-
  • The cost of 20 installments is offered at Rs. 125,000/-
  • 20% off on the lump sum basis is offered at Rs. 2,470,000/-

8 Marla Multi Gardens Phase 2 Rawalpindi

  • The 8 Marla total price is offered at Rs. 4,180,000/-
  • The membership fee is Rs. 20,000/-
  • The 8 Marla total cost of land is offered at Rs. 4,160,000/-
  • The cost of 20 installments is offered at Rs. 175,000/-
  • 20% off on a lump sum basis is offered at Rs. 3,350,000/-

10 Marla Multi Gardens Phase 2 Rawalpindi

  • The 10 Marla total price is offered at Rs. 5,480,000/-
  • The membership fee is Rs. 20,000/-
  • The 10 Marla total cost of land is offered at Rs. 5,460,000/-
  • The cost of 20 installments is offered at Rs. 235,000/-
  • 20% off on the lump sum basis is offered at Rs. 4,380,000/-

14 Marla Multi Gardens Phase 2 Rawalpindi

  • The 14 Marla total price is offered at Rs. 6,780,000/-
  • The membership fee is Rs. 20,000/-
  • The 14 Marla total cost of land is offered at Rs. 6,760,000/-
  • The cost of 20 installments is offered at Rs. 295,000/-
  • 20% off on the lump sum basis is offered at Rs. 5,430,000/-

1 Kanal Multi Gardens Phase 2 Rawalpindi

  • The 1 Kanal total price is offered at Rs. 8,980,000/-
  • The membership fee is Rs. 20,000/-
  • The 1 Kanal total cost of land is offered at Rs. 8,960,000/-
  • The cost of 20 installments is offered at Rs. 395,000/-
  • 20% off on the lump sum basis is offered at Rs. 7,180,000/-

2 Kanal Multi Gardens Phase 2 Rawalpindi

  • The 2 Kanal total price is offered at Rs. 16,980,000/-
  • The membership fee is Rs. 20,000/-
  • The 2 Kanal total cost of land is offered at Rs. 3,060,000/-
  • The cost of 20 installments is offered at Rs. 765,000/-
  • 20% off on the lump sum basis is offered at Rs. 13,580,000/-

Salient Features of Multi Gardens Phase 2

Here are some of the most notable aspects that are characteristic of Multi Gardens:

  • Affordability
  • Accessibility
  • Shops
  • Maintenance
  • Close to CPEC Route and Economic Zone
  • Commercial Areas
  • Community Center and Club
  • Filling Station
  • Food Court
  • Grounds for Cricket & Football
  • Mosques
  • Plantation & Landscaping
  • Sports Complex
  • Underground and Overhead Water Tanks
  • Underground Electrification
  • Underground Water Supply
  • Wide Main Boulevard
  • Wide Roads and Boulevards
  • Beautiful Entrance
  • Water, Gas, Electricity
  • Quality Development
  • Wide streets
  • Maintenance
  • 24/7 Security
  • Water Resources
  • Sewerage and Waste Disposal System
  • State-of-the-art Swimming Pool
  • Eco-friendly Community

Facilities & Amenities

Facilities and amenities differ in each project. However, luxury projects like MPCHS Phase 2 have beautiful features. Additionally, the prices are affordable, and you’ll feel confident when you invest your money in this project. The amenities in Multi Gardens Phase 2 can be described as the following:

Basic Utilities

The project includes underground water, power, and gas lines. This will ensure that your wiring and plumbing are running smoothly. If you’re planning to purchase a house, it is crucial to ensure that the home is equipped with the basic services available to its inhabitants.

Electricity Backup

The society plans to put in an energy backup system in order to prevent and deal with power outages.


The society comprises mosques across the country and is also developing Jamia mosques under this project to allow residents to conduct prayers and religious services under one roof.

Smart Housing

The society offers high-quality living conditions at affordable price plans and also introduces smart housing that incorporates modern technology.

Smart Economy

Phase 2 of Multi Gardens will be a hub for commerce in the region and will provide many jobs within society, which will help reduce the rate of unemployment across the nation.


The public is becoming more aware of the impact they have on the planet and the implications for the generations to come. Today, a house isn’t just a home. It’s a means of living a life that is as sustainable as possible. Investors in real estate can enjoy a variety of advantages that make a living a green lifestyle possible.

Water Resources

It is vital to take into consideration the water requirements of the town when planning a project. To ensure that this won’t be an issue, water reservoirs will be built to store huge quantities of water that could be utilized by residents to complete their everyday tasks. This will help alleviate any problems caused by the absence of drinking water that is safe to drink.

Education Institutes

A plan to provide high-quality education to the next generation has been launched. Education Institutes will be set up within the premises to provide students with training. Additionally, there will be several schools and universities to make sure that our society has competent minds adept at thriving in the global market.

Hospitals & Clinics

The owners are planning to build several hospitals and clinics within the housing project. Hospitals are intended to cater to urgent medical emergencies, and clinics will offer ongoing medical assistance.

Business & Commercial Hub

The developers were able to take charge of all commercial and economic needs. This is why the project will be an area that is commercially thriving. In these areas, residents will be able to satisfy all their commercial requirements inside the development.

Roads and Boulevards

The boulevards, roads, and streets that are part of the community will be paved with sidewalks. New sidewalks are adorned with trees and lit by streetlights. Additionally, the roads within the estate for housing would be wide, and there will be open areas to ease circulation.

Secure Project

To ensure that the project is as safe as is possible, the housing society has security equipment such as an unquestionably well-installed CCTV that is available 24/7 and additional cameras. Furthermore, the project will be secured by a wall around the perimeter which will ensure an extremely high level of safety.

Development Status

The construction work for Multi Gardens Phase 2 is already begun. Heavy machines and a team of engineers are working day and night to finish and complete the project on time. Cutting of the plots is expected to begin shortly. The development work is progressing well and will be completed within a couple of years.

Multi Gardens Phase 2 Latest News

The most recent news about Multi Gardens Phase 2 is that the process of booking is in full swing. For the most up-to-date information and information, contact our Sky Marketing Team.

Multi Gardens Phase 2 Application Form

Application forms required for Multi Gardens Phase 2 can be downloaded from the official website, or you can contact the Sky Marketing Team.

Multi Gardens Phase 2 Development Charges

Contact the management of the housing scheme to learn about the development fees for Multi Gardens Phase 2.

Multi Gardens Phase 2 Balloting

It is expected that the Balloting of Multi Gardens Phase 2 is expected to take place after the reservation of these plots.

Multi Gardens Phase 2 Balloting Results

The results of balloting from Multi Gardens Phase 2 can be accessed on the official websites of the society.

Why Invest in Multi Gardens Phase 2?

There are many advantages of the investment in Multi Gardens Phase 2. The value of properties in Multi Gardens has been steadily rising, and there’s no sign that this trend is going to change any time soon, so you can be confident that your investment is secure when you invest in MPCHS. A few of the advantages are as follows:

  • Eco-friendly
  • Affordable
  • World-class infrastructure development
  • Famous developers
  • Luxurious amenities
  • Prime location
  • Spacious properties

What are the Benefits of Investment in Real Estate?

A high potential for investment return makes real estate among the top profitable businesses you can get into. An investment in real estate is only successful if properly executed. There are many advantages that can be derived from investing in real estate, some of which are listed below:

Stable Income

A lot of buyers buy properties in order to earn passive income. This is a huge incentive to begin and purchase your first rental home. The location of your property will impact the amount you make, the amount it will bring in, and the amount you will spend.

It is possible to make a lot of money by investing in real estate and earning rapid returns. You can, for instance, purchase a property, then develop it, or buy an existing property developed, and lease it out monthly or annually.

Long-term Financial Security

A home is usually the most valuable asset of a person. A home will rise in value as time passes, making it a great investment for those who are able to afford it. For those who aren’t able to afford a home, the best alternative is to consider renting property. Rental properties can be an income stream that can help to pay for the cost of living while also increasing their value over the course of time.

Risk-free Compared to Other Investments

If you decide to invest in rental properties, you are at no chance of losing capital since rent will be used to pay for your monthly mortgage payments. Additionally, property owners have the chance to increase their equity and recover the initial cost of purchase by refinancing or selling the property to reduce those monthly installments.


Making a commitment to the market for property is a wise choice. Through the purchase of real estate assets like shares or land, you could add to your regular income and begin the journey toward financial freedom.

Tax Benefits

Making a decision to invest your money in the rental market will let you accumulate equity and build wealth while diversifying your investment portfolio. Furthermore, if you require your property to secure an eventual loan in the future, then you’ll have something worthwhile to provide. In addition, with the recent changes in tax laws that permit individuals to completely deduct their losses from these types of investments, it’s an even more appealing option.

Long-term Capital Appreciation

A decision to invest in the right property in the right place at the right time could result in a life-changing fortune. Many people are more comfortable placing their money in something tangible. Real estate is one investment that always offers the opportunity to earn a profit and pay dividends whenever it increases in value.

Non-depreciable Asset

A home is considered to be an asset that is not depreciable. Non-depreciable assets are those that you will never need to dispose of, such as the real estate market, a car, and personal items like clothes and family treasures. While depreciable assets diminish in value over time or usage – vehicles change from shiny and new to rusty and damaged as they are used. Clothing goes from fresh to damaged as you wear them over and over.

Passive Income

Passive income is the amount of money earned by an asset or a business. It is typically the case when a person purchases a property, like an apartment, and is then able to pay rent to them (to become self-renting) for the remainder of their lives. The arrangement is usually established with each generation buying an asset from previous generations at a fixed cost so as not to put an unnecessary burden on the individual.

Booking Procedure of Multi Gardens Phase 2

Sky Marketing always advises its customers to clarify any miscommunications to Multi Gardens management regarding the forthcoming/tentative booking process.

The booking process to book Multi Gardens Phase 2 is as the following:

  • Fill out the application form
  • Required CNIC copy of the applicant
  • Payment options include cheques and pay orders for Multi Gardens, but please check the process ahead of any new modifications.
  • Cash payments are also accepted upon authorization from Multi Gardens Management
  • Send all necessary documents and pay to receive the receipt

Documentation Requirement for Booking

You can also buy plots for commercial or residential purposes in different projects like Blue World City, Kingdom Valley Islamabad as well as Faisal Hills in Islamabad. Sky Marketing insists on honesty and openness with its customers, which is why we suggest you inquire about any current requirements for documents when you make an appointment.

The documents required to book a room are:

  • Two passport-size pictures
  • NICOP for clients from overseas
  • A duplicate of two copies of your National Identity Card
  • 2 copies of your I.D identification card for your next of kin

Guidelines to Follow

The following guidelines should be followed when buying or selling plots:

Document Verification

Before you sign a contract for the purchase or sale of a property, ensure you ask for a NOC by the local authorities. Check all documentation thoroughly prior to the contract being signed to avoid any issues or disputes. This means that your documents will be in compliance with all specifications and requirements of the client.

Financial Security

Before you start the process of purchasing and selling plots, it is essential to be aware of the procedure for purchasing the plots. There are several procedures to be completed before purchasing parcels directly from sellers. Be sure that you have enough funds prior to completing any property-related transactions. If you follow this advice, it will cause no issues for you.

Property Visits

After studying all legal documentation and checking that the information on property’s information is correct then, visit the property to check it out for yourself. It is always best to check the property yourself prior to making a purchase.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
The location is ideal on the Lahore-Islamabad Motorway The perception of a far-off area
Easily accessible from Rawalpindi, Islamabad
Many popular areas are close to each other
Electricity backup system
Affordable prices
Simple installment plan
Amazing hospitals located in the area
Accessible from a variety of routes
All residents are provided with daily usage products
Provides investment opportunities
NOC is expected to be approved by RDA
Popular Educational Institutions
Safe & Secure Environment

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. What makes Multi Gardens Phase 2 different from other projects?

Ans: The new development in Multi Gardens will offer residents an experience unlike any other, with costs that are affordable for everyone. Engineers and architects have invested time and efforts into the creation of the Multi Gardens.

Q2. What is the location of Multi Gardens located?

Ans: Multi Gardens Phase 2 is located on Chakri Road.

Q3. Is Multi Gardens Phase 2 have NOC approval?

Ans: The NOC for Multi Gardens Phase 2 will shortly be approved by the RDA.

Q4. Who are the owners and the developers of Multi Gardens Phase 2?

Ans: The owner of Multi Gardens Phase 2 is MPCHS.

Q5. Do you think Multi Gardens offer affordable properties?

Ans: It is clear that the MPCHS administration has accomplished a fantastic job in balancing luxury and affordability. It is clear it is true that Multi Gardens has easy installment plans.

Q6. What types of residential plots are for sale on Multi Gardens Phase 2?

Ans: Multi Gardens is expectedly to include residential plots with 5 Marla, 10 Marla, and 1 Kanal.

Q7. Does Multi Gardens generate high returns on investments?

Ans: The Multi Gardens payment schedule is suitable for small and family investors, thereby increasing the chances of high investment returns.

Q8. Is Multi Gardens good for investment?

Ans: There is no doubt about it, the fact that Multi Gardens is good for the investment.

Q9. What services are offered in Multi Gardens Phase 2?

Ans: A variety of amenities are offered in Multi Gardens, including water, gas, electricity parks, hospitals, grounds, swimming pools, and many more.

Q10. What’s the procedure for the transfer of the plot in Multi Gardens Phase 2?

Ans: The process for transferring your plot within Multi Gardens is simple and is handled in complete transparency once the application and the transfer fee have been paid.

Q11. Is it easy to get to the Multi Gardens site?

Ans: Anyone is able to access the site.

Q12. Is there a website for Multi Gardens Phase 2 management?

Ans: Yes, the Multi Gardens website is a reliable source for information on the first steps.


Multi Gardens Phase 2 is one of the top housing societies in Pakistan thanks to its luxurious amenities, affordability, and great position on Chakri Road. There is no doubt that Multi Gardens is going to develop into a great housing society due to its connectivity, luxurious amenities, and luxury. There are also facilities such as water, gas, electricity, parks, hospitals, grounds, and swimming pools. There is no doubt that Multi Gardens will bring the most ROI on your investment.

If you’re curious to know the other projects that have earned an impressive profit, you should check out Park View City, Rudn Enclave Islamabad, Faisal Town Phase 2, as well as Capital Smart City Islamabad.

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