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Maicol Ferrini: a new star from Italy

Meet Maicol Ferrini, an exceptionally talented DJ and producer hailing from Forlì, Italy. Born in  1998, Maicol’s love for music, especially dance music, ignited at a young age and has been a  constant companion throughout his adolescence. As he grew older, he made a resolute decision to  pursue a serious career in music, holding steadfast to his dreams and aspirations.  Maicol has managed to capture the hearts of a vast audience, also on social media, with more than  35 thousand followers on Instagram: 

During the challenging times of quarantine, Maicol’s passion for music was reignited, and he  embarked on a journey more determined than ever before. This newfound drive led him to explore  the world of songwriting, resulting in the creation of captivating lyrics for his track “Balla Con La  Luna” (Dance with the Moon). This song reflects the essence of freedom, the desire to have fun,  and not be bound by the constraints of the current situation. The release of “Balla Con La Luna”  was accompanied by an enchanting music video on YouTube, debuting on June 26, 2020. The  single garnered positive feedback not only locally but also reaching beyond borders, marking an  impressive start to his musical journey.

Maicol’s latest release, titled “Dominadora,” is already creating waves globally, amassing over 200k  streams on Spotify within just a few months. “Dominadora” embodies the spirit of a true summer  dance anthem, tailor-made for club nights and beach parties alike. The track features an infectious  chorus and an energizing groove, complemented by a lively piano melody and impeccable vocals. 

With each new release, Maicol Ferrini solidifies his position as a promising force in the music  industry. His dedication and passion for music continue to propel him forward, enchanting  audiences worldwide with his irresistible beats and captivating performances. As his career  unfolds, we can expect even more memorable musical offerings from this dynamic artist.

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