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Let's celebrate Halloween right with a quiz dedicated to the king of Gothtober - Tim Burton! Carve those pumpkins, sit down and take our quiz now.

Get spooky with our dark and brooding (yet whimsical) Tim Burton quiz

Tim Burton’s films have always been the pinnacle of terror and charm. From the world of Halloweentown to Fleet Street, Burton has taken us to the oddest yet most incredible places. But are you brave enough for our spooky Tim Burton quiz? 

Burton has shaped so many childhoods with The Nightmare Before Christmas and entranced us with thrillers like 9. His style is so distinctive and unique it is impossible to replicate. In an age during which so much seems copied, that is a skill no one else can match. 

So slather on the black eyeliner, grab your pumpkins and scissorhands, and hunker down for our Tim Burton quiz! Don’t forget to tweet us your score at @FilmDaily.

Take part in our nightmare before Halloween: the Film Daily Tim Burton quiz!

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