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Let's do the time warp again! 'The Rocky Horror Picture Show' is as iconic as ever. If you love Tim Curry in this amazing film, then you'll love this quiz.

Grab your fishnets and try to beat ‘The Rocky Horror Picture Show’ quiz

The Rocky Horror Picture Show has been a cult classic since its debut in 1975. It’s so iconic that it created its own subculture. Do you think you can beat our “sweet” quiz?

The Rocky Horror Picture Show is a fantastic, sensual thrill ride of absurdity and music. Its colorful cast, odd plot, and iconic songs have allowed it to stand the test of time, creating a cult classic that still resonates with people today. 

So throw on a corset and follow the light to see if you can beat our Rocky Horror quiz. Make sure you tweet your score to us at @FilmDaily, too.

Jump to the left and timewarp back to ‘75 to take ‘The Rocky Horror Picture Show’ quiz

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