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Have you watched all Pixar films, sequels included? Have you soaked up all the behind-the-scenes trivia? Test your knowledge with our Pixar quiz!

Are you a Pixar films expert? Take our quiz to prove your knowledge

Pixar films have been a part of our lives for the last quarter of a century. There’s an entire generation out there who has grown up watching a new Pixar movie every year (sometimes more than one). Boasting a pretty much unblemished track record when it comes to critical and box office success, Pixar has remained a titan of the animation industry since they released Toy Story all the way back in 1995.

How well do you know Pixar’s output? Pixar films are famous for being the kind of kids movies that appeal to adults as well so, technically, you have no excuse to fail this quiz. Tweet us your score @FilmDailyNews once you’re done with it and we’ll do our best not to pass judgment!

From Woody to 22: Relive Pixar’s greatest hits with our Pixar films quiz!

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