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It's that time of year where 'Hocus Pocus' can be played on a loop and nobody will look at you funny. Can you guess which character said the quote?

How well do you remember ‘Hocus Pocus’? Who said these quotes?

Gather ‘round, sisters, for our month-long celebration of Halloween, Gothtober, has started! Frights, delights, and, of course, Hocus Pocus will be on near-constant loop on Freeform for its 31 Nights of Halloween. The cult favorite-turned-holiday-classic Hocus Pocus has given us immeasurable joy over the years.

Thackeray Binx gave a generation of tweens butterflies in their stomachs despite being a cat for most of the movie. We can never look at McGee on NCIS the same after realizing that he was Thackeray. Seriously, our mind is blown. Now it’s time to test your mettle, fellow Hocus Pocus fans. Do you remember which characters said which quote in this highly quotable movie?

It’s time to put your mystical knowledge to the test, my dears. Take our Hocus Pocus quiz and be sure to tweet @FilmDailyNews to share your results.

Gather around sisters for our Hocus Pocus quiz!

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