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Looking to give yourself a good fright this Halloween? Science has determined the scariest horror movie of all time.

Trying to figure out a a family friendly spooky movie for Halloween? From 'Coraline' to 'Casper' we have the perfect list for you.

It's Gothtober, so you know it's time to hit up Netflix for the scariest horror movies you can find. Here's our recommendations to watch.

Today we celebrate Gothtober by looking into some of the creepiest cold case files we could find. Will anyone every discover the answers?

It's that time of year where 'Hocus Pocus' can be played on a loop and nobody will look at you funny. Can you guess which character said the

Looking to make your October creepy? Here are the best horror video games to play during this spooky month.

This Gothtober, snuggle up and revisit the most satisfying deaths in 'The Walking Dead' and 'Fear the Walking Dead'. Cry and cringe! Jump up and cheer!