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Have you seen 'Frozen' more times than you care to count? Can you belt out "Let It Go" from memory? Prove it by acing our quiz about the song lyrics.

Think you can complete these ‘Frozen’ song lyrics? Take our quiz and find out!

If you’ve seen Frozen once, you probably got a couple of its songs stuck in your head. If you’ve watched it twice, you can probably hum along most of the musical numbers. By the time you’ve seen Frozen three times, you can recite most of its song lyrics, and there’s no going back. You probably have the Frozen soundtrack playing right now, don’t you?

There’s no shame in being a Frozen fanatic. Disney knows how to push our musical buttons, that’s all. But just how deep does The Mouse have its hooks in you? How well do you know the song lyrics from both Frozen movies? Take our quiz, find out, and let us know how you did by tweeting @FilmDailyNews.

Build a musical snowman with our ‘Frozen’ lyrics quiz!

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