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If you stanned 'Teen Titans' and 'Teen Titans Go!', we're sure you've already binged 'DC Titans' on HBO Max. Test your knowledge of this latest series.

Are you the biggest fan of DC’s ‘Titans’? Prove it with our quiz

The Titans, or Teen Titans, is an enduring franchise in the world of DC Comics. Over the years, there have been many iterations of the team. The most well known & beloved, however, is the 2003 Cartoon Network series. Becoming equally as well known, though much darker, is the HBO Max series Titans, which follows more adult versions of the characters.

Despite initial reluctance in the leadup to the series from fans, Titans proved one of the best series on the now defunct DC Universe streaming platform. It was even popular enough to be saved by HBO Max, along with Doom Patrol and Harley Quinn

Titans season 3 airs in July, so it’s time to test your knowledge on how well you truly know this series. Tweet your results to @FilmDailyNews!

Are you ready to keep fighting? Take our ‘Titans’ quiz and find out!

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