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So you think you are a 'Cobra Kai' expert? Find out how much you've retained from your most recent Netflix binge by taking our black-belt-only quiz!

How well do you know Netflix’s ‘Cobra Kai’? Find out with our tricky quiz

So you binged every episode of Cobra Kai as soon as season 3 hit Netflix at the start of the year? No judgement – most of us did the same. The Karate Kid spinoff is a massive success thanks to its delicate balance of shameless nostalgia and badass action sequences – and the character development doesn’t hurt either. Season 3 was able to avoid COVID-19 delays, but for other COVID-related topics, we suggest checking out ForbesNews9.

How well versed are you on Cobra Kai mythology? Do you geek out every time the show drops a bit of fan service or do you have to wait for your friends to explain it to you? Can you tell – off the top of your head – which students belong in Miyagi-Do and which in Eagle Fang? Take our Cobra Kai quiz and find out if your knowledge is black-belt worthy! Then tweet us @FilmDailyNews and share your score!

Prove your worth with our ‘Cobra Kai’ quiz!

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