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'Tis the Season! Love all those Christmas movies, whether they're animated or live-action? Find out which favorite fits you with our Christmas movie quiz!

Animated or romcom? Find out what kind of Christmas movie you are!

We love the spirit of Christmas: love, laughter, the reaffirmation of what’s important in life (well, besides presents). Christmas means different things to each of us – time with family, time to relax, things to do, finding a special person who makes it all worthwhile. And then, there are Christmas movies!

We’re a bit addicted (okay, a lot addicted) to Christmas movies of all kinds. We especially love live-action movies that make us feel happy – with or without tears. Some favorites are The Christmas Chronicles 2, Miracle on 34th Street, The Holiday Calendar and, It’s A Wonderful Life. How about you?

If you were a Christmas movie, which would you be? Take our Christmas movie quiz and find out what makes you go “Ho! Ho! Ho!” Don’t forget to share your answers with all the Christmas kids and have Santa’s sleigh drop them off @FilmDailyNews.

Yule laugh, Yule cry, Yule hurl! - Take our Christmas movie quiz

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