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TJ of the country band Brothers Osborne came out as gay and Twitter was full of support. Here are the best reactions.

Brothers Osborne: The best Twitter reactions to singer TJ coming out

T.J. Osborne, the other half of the popular country duo the Brothers Osborne has publicly shared for the first time that he’s gay. The lead singer of Brothers Osborne came out in an interview with Time, stating that while his close circle within the Nashville community knew of his sexual identity, that he just wasn’t ready until now to share his news with the rest of the world. 

The “Stay a Little Longer” singer talks about how he’s “very comfortable being gay” during his interview. “I find myself being guarded for not wanting to talk about something that I personally don’t have a problem with. That feels so strange.”

Luckily for T.J. Osborne, his decision to finally be himself, his whole self, is already being backed by fans across the world, posting their Twitter thoughts & reactions to the country singer’s decision to come out publicly. Let’s delve into some of the best Brothers Osborne Twitter takes that show T.J. Osborne all the best kinds of support. 

Dierks Bentley

Country music superstar Dierks Bentley, famous for many country hits including “Drunk on a Plane”, shares his love for the Brothers Osborne singer, posting a photo of the two during a live performance. And of course . . . where there’s country music, there’s a red solo cup. 

Our new king

Perhaps only a bit photoshopped, @WOCedits found a way to shrine T.J. Osborne, thanking him for taking another large leap for the LGBTQ+ community and giving those who doubt their own identities strength in the process. 

Down with the pronoun

T.J. Osborne has even inspired the way other country music fans see & sing music, which is a pretty cool thing. It’s like finding a song within a song, right? 

Fired vs. hired

Looks like people are just as happy with T.J. Osborne coming out as they are with Morgan Wallen getting canceled. Let this be a lesson out there for you all . . . choose your words wisely!   

Hits on all emotions

@sakellems Perfectly describes the whirlwind of emotions that come out of this news no pun intended. Looks like there’s now an even bigger reason to be a fan of Brothers Osborne. 

Mother knows best

Perhaps even cooler to see is the reaction that parents of gay children are giving, lending their motherly support as if T.J. Osborne is one of their own. 

Country musical 

Let’s all break out into song and share our deepest secrets while parading around in the school cafeteria, shall we?   

Crack a bottle

“We were saving this for our fiftieth anniversary . . . but this is such a special moment.” 

Emotions aren’t a puppet

Glad T.J. could finally cut the strings of his feelings and reveal to the world how he really feels. Also, kids, please don’t stick your hand in the paint! 

A lot has changed

Many things have changed over the years as it pertains to what’s acceptable within the country community. While this has been a major week for shocking news within the industry, it’s clear there’s still much to discuss in terms of who to support and what messages to prop up in the process. 

What are your thoughts on T.J. Osborne coming out? Are you a big fan of the Brothers Osborne and county music in general? If so, what’s your favorite Brothers Osborne song? Comment below and let us know your thoughts.

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