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Feeling in the mood to get down and dirty? Check out the hottest lesbian sex scenes in movies and TV that you can binge to your heart's delight!

Get hot under the collar with these iconic lesbian sex scenes now

Intimate moments that take place on screen between fictional couples have been a popular thing in movies and TV shows since the 1930s. 

When it comes to featuring couples of the LGBTQ community, intimate scenes have become much more popular in recent years. The elements involved to create an iconic lesbian sex scene include the actresses who were cast, the passion they exude, and the realness of intimacy that they portray. Here are some of our favorites! 

Loving Annabelle – 2006

2006’s Loving Annabelle stars Erin Kelly as the rebellious teenage girl who gets expelled from her high school, and Diane Gaidry as the English teacher who realizes she might be developing feelings for her student. 

The slow burn of this movie leads to a highly climactic sex scene when teacher & student finally decide to go to that next level together. What begins with a teacher showing special interest in a troubled student ends in an affair that they must keep under wraps at all costs. 

Blue is the Warmest Color – 2013

Blue is the Warmest Color premiered in 2013 and focuses on a teenager from France named Adele who finally sees life from a different and more expansive worldview once she meets another girl named Emma. 

Emma is doing all she can in life to make it as a successful artist, and Adele finds herself inspired by the dedication & devotion. Once these two cross paths, there is no going back for either of them. Two girls who were once experiencing lives of loneliness were able to come together and change that with a couple of unforgettable lesbian sex scenes to prove it. 

Orange is the New Black, s2e10 – 2014 

There is no denying the fact that the Orange is the New Black is filled to the brim with sex scenes – and not all of them are focused on lesbian couples, by any means. 

In season 2’s 10th episode, Piper Chapman and Alex Vause share an intimate moment by way of a flashback memory before their days locked up in a female penitentiary. The chemistry between actresses Taylor Schilling and Laura Prepon adds to the realness of the intimate moments shared between their characters in this particular episode… and several others. 

Black Swan – 2010

All that really needs to be acknowledged here are 4 words: Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis! These two stunning beauties did a fiercely excellent job playing out one of the craziest and most intense lesbian sex scenes in cinematic history. The blend of urgency, desire, fear, excitement, and confusion is what made the sex scene in this movie so iconic. 

Chloe – 2009

The premise of Chloe, an artistically intriguing movie that premiered in 2009, is about an insecure wife who is completely convinced that her husband is cheating on her. In order to test her theory, she hires a high-end escort to tempt her husband but instead of getting the results she’s after, she ends up getting tempted herself! 

Amanda Seyfried is the beautiful escort who charms the concerned wife, played by Julianne Moore, into bed creating an iconic lesbian sex scene that will literally never be forgotten by anyone who’s seen it.

Jennifer’s Body – 2009

Despite the fact that Jennifer’s Body didn’t necessarily do too well in the box office when it premiered in 2009, it is now revered and considered a cult classic by many fans these days. 

The reason why is that it embodies feminist themes and sheds light on the empowerment of a passionate young woman with an agenda. The lesbian scene shared between Megan Fox and Amanda Seyfried doesn’t go too far, but it goes far enough to create a permanent memory stamp in everyone’s minds. 

The L Word, s5e5 – 2008

A show like The L Word is bound to be filled with lesbian sex scenes that can be easily labeled as “iconic” but one scene in particular gives the rest a run for their money. 

During episode 5 in season 5, Jenny and Nikki who are played by Mia Kirshner and Kate French, decide that they just can’t wait to get somewhere more private. They decide to hook up in a closet at a party! Instead of the typical serious sexual encounters Jenny was always used to, she was able to experience a more lighthearted and playful moment of intimacy. 

Which of these scenes do you think is the most iconic? Let us know in the comments!

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