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Breaking Barriers in Entertainment: Simran Porwal’s Mission to Transform Narratives

One may think with a list of impressive credits, including critically acclaimed promotional campaigns for Disney, Hulu, ABC, Freeform, and Onyx projects, that Simran Porwal would be content to maintain the status quo. On the contrary. Porwal is on a mission to radically transform storytelling in the entertainment industry.

How? By boldly breaking barriers, challenging patriarchal norms, and creating a more inclusive space that welcomes diversity. A determined producer who carries her own past like a badge of honor, Porwal has defied patriarchal norms and battled against self-doubt to become a trailblazer in entertainment. To fully comprehend Porwal’s success in the American entertainment industry however, one must first dive into her early years in India.

Growing up in India, a society steeped in patriarchal norms, Porwal felt confined, as if she was lost within the walls of societal expectations. From these depths, she found solace in the world of storytelling, which she describes as “teleportation devices” transporting her away from the harsh realities of her life. Fueled by her mother’s silenced voice, Simran embarked on a quest to transform narratives, using cinema to amplify stories often lost within the world of mainstream narratives.

Porwal’s passion for storytelling was first ignited when she started making short documentaries for a non-profit organization to preserve the cultural and historical heritage of India. This pursuit, captured by her humble Nokia phone, served as her escape from an abusive home and sparked her exploration into the world of cinematic storytelling.

An unexpected turn of events led Porwal to an engineering prep school in Mumbai. Despite the formidable challenges, her passion for storytelling didn’t waver. Perseverance, fortitude, and determination eventually paved the way for Porwal to attend film school in America. With the shackles of her prior life finally broken, the doors that would allow Porwal to express herself freely opened. However, demons from the past still persisted.

Porwal grappled with self-doubt and a deeply ingrained belief that she was “less than” everything around her. Imposter syndrome crept into her professional life, a trauma response shaped by years of abuse. Her journey of self-discovery and resilience led her to take control of her own narrative. “Once I dipped my toes into the world of self-advocacy, my creativity and potential started manifesting in my art, work, and life in ways that I had not imagined before,” she shares.

Looking forward, Porwal’s dream is to continue producing content with social impact, whether directly or indirectly, shining the light on the voices of those often silenced by mainstream narratives. Her vision is clear: to provide comfort, escape, and hope to people confined by their realities, giving them a chance to visualize their dreams and share their muted stories. She further aspires to democratize the tools and wisdom she has gained from her experiences and to empower those who feel unseen and unheard.

Simran Porwal’s journey to break barriers in entertainment has led to a final destination of disrupting norms, bridging gaps, and nurturing empathy through inclusive narratives. In so doing, she’s created a new frontier where stories aren’t just told—they resonate and inspire a new generation of storytellers to challenge the status quo.

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