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Window blinds can be an important part of your home decor. Don't dive in blind, get some insider tips on how to make the right choice for your home.

Things to keep in mind before you purchase window blinds

Blinds are one of the most common window treatments. It comes with a classy appearance and has the capacity to manage the light that gets inside your room. Since, it’s easy to operate, you can install it as well.

Today, it’s possible to shop for window blinds in Portland, OR and any other place. But you need to select one that is apt blind that matches your preferences and needs. For this, you need to consider a few essential factors. Some of the crucial factors are discussed below:

  • The objective

Few homeowners choose a window treatment which adds class to their home décor. Some people want to enhance the home functionality. You need to assess your lifestyle and opt-in for the blind features that are essential for you. Here you can assess the style, light control, privacy and the like.

  • Budget

It’s essential to fix the budget prior to purchasing your house’s window treatment. Since, the window treatments get priced based on the size, the bigger ones cost more. If you come with an unlimited budget, you can opt-in for the custom shades and the blinds that get motorized. But when you have a restricted budget, you should opt-in for the vinyl and ready-made shades that are affordable.

  • The interior décor of the home

The window treatment needs to complement the house’s interior decoration for the best result. You will have a wide range of colors to select from when it comes to blinds. In case, your room color is natural, you need to have blinds in subtle colors. But in case you wish to add a certain brightness to your room, opt-in for the window treatments in bold colors.

  • Light and privacy

In case you wish to maintain a specific privacy and light level in your house, you can select a window treatment based on that. Do you intend to block the harsh UV rays and enable the natural light to get into your room? If yes, then zebra blinds, aluminum blinds and cellular shades are a good option. If your objective is light control and privacy, you can choose blinds of sheer fabrics.

  • Security

Are there pets and kids in your house? If yes, then it’s best to opt-in for the secure blinds. You can also choose screwless blinds that can provide a secure window treatment option. Going by the name, it comes with no pull cords, as opposed to the corded counterparts that can be a concern when there are pets and kids playing in your room.

Last but not least, there are window measurements to consider. When you know the right size of your window, it adds ease to the window treatment selection. You need to measure the window right atop the stitching line towards the bottom panel. You shouldn’t count in the header fabric. In case you don’t know what to include, you should ask for assistance from the professionals. If you don’t have the correct measurement, chances are you will get the incorrect blinds. Once you take care of these factors, you can choose the correct blind that fits your window, requirements, and budget.

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