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Setting up a music studio is a dream come true for many of us. Why are motorized blinds perfect for your music studio setup?

Why Motorized Blinds Are A Must for Your Music Studio

Setting up a music studio is a dream come true for many of us. Every musician needs a dedicated space with all the freedoms that is needed for creating music. 

Building a music room is all about planning. Good planning would save a lot of headache down the line. Every aspect of the room has to be taken into consideration, starting from room selection, right up to furniture placement. A few basic requirements are needed to be ticked off the priority list before you proceed to put your personal touch into your music studio.

Basic Requirements of a Music Studio

You probably have already got together all the instruments you need. However, these instruments also require the perfect setting. So, the first few requirements of a music studio are all about the perfect room. 

Selecting a Room

If you are setting up your music studio at home, you will probably not get a lot of choices. However, even when you have a choice, go for the biggest room available. A big room accommodates a lot of instruments, as well as musicians. A big room also leads to better acoustics. 

Better Acoustics

There are other features of a room that affects the acoustics. High-ceilings, rough and irregular surfaces, along with asymmetrical walls, combine together to enhance the acoustics of the room. However, it is difficult to find such a room in a domestic setting, but it would be a good idea to keep a lookout for these natural acoustics. If needed, you can add a few cosmetic elements to the room at an extra-cost.

Noise Level

While you are selecting the room, you will have to keep the noise element in mind. Modern living has exposed us to more noise than before, a fact that becomes apparent the moment we put on a head-set. Traffic noises, neighbourhood sounds, construction work, and even bird-sounds, can spoil the music, especially if you are recording. If you select a room in the quietest corner of the house, you will have addressed half of the problem. The rest of the problem can be addressed through dampening methods, such as window coverings. The room you select and how you decorate it, will have a big effect on noise-cancellation.

Flooring Choice

If your room already does not have one, it would be a good idea to install hard-wood or concrete flooring. Tiles are also a good option. Carpets can be a nightmare for music studio. They absorb the high-frequencies, which adversely affects the acoustics.

Decorating a Music Studio

Now that you have selected a music room, it is time to get it ready. The best thing to do is clear it out altogether. 

Acoustics Panels

Acoustic panels are very popular these days. They not only look great, but also absorbs sound. These panels are specially designed to go on the walls, to enhance the look, reduce noise gain from outside, as well as absorb sound to improve the acoustics of the room when you want to reduce reverb. 

Have Soothing Lights

Bright lights are not always the best inspiration for creative work. Install lights that are soothing, yet effective, to set the perfect mood for your music studio. You can also go for accent lighting, which would give your room a chic, modern look. 

Get the Right Furniture

Upholstered sofas and chairs are a great choice for music rooms. Wool fibres are also great for sound absorption. Use area rugs for your drum kit. Make sure that the room is not overstuffed with furniture. Basic furniture and furnishing elements would do the trick. 

Add Some Greenery

Nothing livens up the mood better than natural green. Add some plant to make up for the lack of natural light. Plants are not just for look though. They do suck up a lot of noise, enhancing the room acoustics. 

Window Treatment Solutions for Music Studio

Windows are the biggest source of noise, as well as light in a room. If your music studio has a window, you will need the right covering for it to reduce noise, and to cut off the glare. Let’s look at some of the window treatment solutions ideal for a music studio. 

Roller Blinds: Roller blinds, especially blackout roller blinds, work very well in music rooms. These blinds cut off light, keep the insulation intact, and cancel the noise. Along with these attractive benefits, these blinds also come in eye-catching prints, which would give you room a modern and neat feel.

Cellular Shades: Some cellular shades come with excellent soundproofing technology, which would be greatly appreciated in a music studio setting. Cellular shades look great and are light-weight solutions that insulates the room, while cutting of light and sound. These attractive shades are an affordable option for people working on a budget. 

Blackout curtains: Blackout curtains cover the whole wall and cut off the light completely. The thick material of the curtains can also cut off noise to a great extent. Not to mention, these curtains provide excellent noise cancellation properties. 

Home Theatre Blinds: Some blinds are manufactured keeping in mind the acoustics of the room. You can opt for motorized blinds for home theatre. These blinds can help dampen noise from the outside while keeping your room dark and cosy. 

Why Motorize Blinds?

When you add motorization to the normal blinds, its functionalities get increased in multiple ways. Not only does blind control come within the press of a button, you also achieve greater flexibility. 

When inspiration strikes and you are busy strumming a tune, sometimes you don’t want to get off the seat just to pull the blinds down. Just ask your voice assistant system or pick up your remote-control device to close the blind. You can also control the blinds when you are not in the room. Just use your phone to pull the blinds down in your music studio and return to a comfortably and cosy atmosphere. You can also sync the blinds to the smart lights and other smart appliances, giving you an all-round smart experience. 

Enhance the look and appeal of your music studio with motorization and create the perfect setting for creating music.

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