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Here’s why Will Smith’s net worth is plummeting since “the slap”

No one can forget where they were during the infamous slap. Whether you were watching from home or lucky enough to be in the audience, your world was shook. Chris Rock’s face might still be stinging, but Will Smith’s net worth has taken a real hit in the days following.

The Academy Awards – aka The Oscars – are a night of expensive celebration. It’s where top-tier celebrities gather to celebrate the best in filmmaking. The people in front of the camera and those behind it are showered with accolades for their excellent contributions.

On this night, though, Smith’s assault on Rock was a scandalizing disruption. The fifty-four-year-old actor has been paying the price ever since. He’s been dropped, he’s been let go, and he’s been blacklisted. However, how exactly is this affecting his net worth?

will smith networth

The Slap

On March 27th, 2022, everyone from Lupita Nyong’o to Riz Ahmed gathered for an elegant evening. They marched the glamorous red carpet and then took their seats in anticipation of the night’s festivities. While it was the usual affair, it was still a fun evening.

Rock entered the stage to present the nominees for best documentary. In the midst of rattling off names he did what comedians do: he made a joke about Jada Pinkett Smith’s short hair. Who knew a joke would eventually start the downfall of Will Smith’s net worth?

The joke implied Jada would be starring in the new G.I. Jane movie due to her newly-sheared locks. Apparently, she didn’t appreciate it, which is fair since her short hair is the result of alopecia – a disease she’s publicly struggled with. She didn’t like it and neither did her husband who swiftly walked on stage and slapped the joke right out of Rock’s mouth.

will smith networth


‘The slap’ has been forever etched into our brains along with the words, “Keep my wife’s name out ya f*cking mouth!” The moment became a popular meme across the internet. However, what this shocking moment did to his net worth was no laughing matter for Will Smith.

Poor Questlove was completely overshadowed by ‘the slap’. The drummer for the legendary band The Roots had won the award for best documentary for his work on Summer of Soul. It was a joyous look into one of the biggest soul music festivals in the 60s that people rarely talk about.

Ironic, then, that he’d win for making such a documentary only to be treated similarly. No one remembers his beautiful speech dedicated to his parents & the people of Harlem. They only remember ‘the slap.’ No one talks about his vulnerability because they only talk about what happened before.

will smith networth

Two sides

‘The slap’ wasn’t the worst thing to happen at The Oscars. In fact, the Academy only recently apologized to Sacheen Littlefeather. Marlon Brando sent her to reject an award in his place. Instead, she was booed by actors like Clint Eastwood and nearly assaulted by John Wayne.

There’s also the ugly reality where recipients of these prestigious awards still include known abusers. Harvey Weinstein’s abuse of power & people was an open secret even as he was being honored for his work. Yet, his net worth took years to suffer the way Will Smith has.

Smith’s actions have been forever memorialized with their own Wikipedia page. Let’s be honest, though, he slapped someone. He didn’t sexually assault or try to murder the other man. He got mad about a joke and he slapped him – not great, but also not the end of the world.

will smith networth


Too bad no one told that to Will Smith’s net worth or even his career. The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air actor recently did an interview on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah. It’s the first time anyone’s seen him in anything as he immediately faced consequences for what he did to Rock.

He was expelled from the Academy and Apple was one of many studios to delay projects he had lined up. There’s talk he may even be losing a role to Dwayne Johnson. It doesn’t change Smith’s net worth of $350 million. At the same time, it doesn’t bode well for it either.

Eventually, Smith’s career will recover and he’ll enjoy a triumphant return. After all, he’s still a national treasure among many people who grew up with him on their screen. He’s just a little edgier in people’s eyes, even as he’s going on a teary apology/movie promotion tour.

Where were you when Will Smith slapped Chris Rock? Do you think Smith is facing adequate punishment? Or do you think people are blowing it out of proportion? Let us know your scandalous thoughts in the comments below!

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