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To keep your dreams of befriending our favorite celebs alive, here are five of the best interactions between stars of TV & film and mere mortals.

They’re just like us! When stars interact with ordinary folk

Some believe there are two types of people in this world: we mere mortals and the shining bright stars of Hollywood.

Most of the time, the two don’t collide, and if celebrities do spend any time in the real world, they’re often just being chaperoned by bodyguards to the nearest celebrity hangout spots where anyone who doesn’t have A-list credentials is turned away at the door – that is, unless you live in LA’s Franklin Village or the Upper West Side of Manhattan.

However, very occasionally these stars step out of their galaxy and join us bums and losers for a bit of quality hangtime. You know – to show us that they’re real people, not two-dimensional superheroes or comedic stalkers who break into song at every street corner. In an attempt to keep your dreams of befriending your favorite celebs alive, here are five of the best interactions between stars of TV & film and mere mortals like us.

Michael B. Jordan

Seeing Jordan as Killmonger in Black Panther was a lot for anyone to handle, but when 17 year-old fan Sophia was so overwhelmed at his appearance that she literally broke her own retainer, the actor chimed in and offered to pay for a replacement. Handsome and generous.

Danny DeVito

One month after she took a cardboard cutout of his character from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia to her high school prom, 17 year-old Allison Closs was surprised to see that actor Danny Devito had returned the favor, posing in Paddy’s Pub with a full-size image of the Pennsylvania teen. It’s always sunny when your fave notices you.

Rachel Bloom

A few months ago, the Crazy Ex-Girlfriend star took to Twitter with an oddly specific request: A t-shirt featuring Stephen Sondheim smoking a joint (because why not?). Her audience did not disappoint, and Bloom recently wore the tee to the Tony Awards. Now that is crazy.

Seth Rogen

The one thing better than meeting a celebrity? Creating your own tradition together. This magical feat was achieved by one Seth Rogen (Pineapple Express) fan, who has taken a series of pictures with the star, each time posing with a print of the previous photo. Nothing superbad about that.

Ryan Reynolds

The king of Twitter fan interactions is none other than Deadpool himself. Perhaps the best example came when Reynolds supported a fan who had photoshopped his face over her ex-boyfriend in her prom photos, with the actor even creating her own hashtag: a real-life superhero.

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