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Maya Vander hasn't been keeping quite about how hard it is for her to film 'Selling Sunset'. Will she stick around for the fourth season?

Will Maya Vander come back for season 4 of ‘Selling Sunset’?

With no official announcement, there is some speculation Netflix might have already renewed Selling Sunset for a fourth season. Thanks to an Instagram post by Chrishell Stause, with fellow cast members, Heather Rae Young, Amanza Smith, and Mary Fitzgerald, captioned “celebrating good news we can’t tell you about,” many fans believe Stause spilled the beans on season 4 in the poorly cryptic message. 

Stause’s post could refer to Selling Sunset’s renewal, and if it’s true, Netflix could be waiting until 2021 to begin filming. The question circulating the show before filming gets underway is: will Maya Vander return for season 4? 

Rumors Vander is leaving

After season 3, rumors were circulating over Vander’s status at The Oppenheim Group. Vander & her family live in Miami and commute to Los Angeles for important clients. One of the reasons the rumors started circulating is because Vander revealed she was having second thoughts about continuing her career in Los Angeles. 

After witnessing Stauses’s marriage deteriorate and end in divorce in season 3, Vander doesn’t want the same to happen to her. It got her thinking about staying in Miami full time to be closer to her family.  In the season, Vander approached The Oppenheim Group co-founder Jason Oppenheim about opening an office in Miami. 

Oppenheim wasn’t interested in opening an office in Miami. Fans wondered, with the Miami office shut down, would this mean Vander would walk away and go to a real estate agency in Miami?

Long commutes 

Vander denied the rumors and is still with The Oppenheim Group, but because she only flies in for important clients, her screen time will go down. What will keep her in the main cast will be a compelling storyline, and if she is in Los Angeles during shooting. 

It’s a moot point if Vander is not in Los Angeles while Selling Sunset is filming season 4. If she wants to be closer to her family, we doubt she will come out just for filming, especially considering filming a reality show can take several weeks. 

If Vander is Los Angeles and is only there to show off a house or meet with a client, producers could decide she isn’t worth putting in Selling Sunset. Vander told People, “I have a couple of pretty interesting clients that I might have to make the trip to LA for.” If “interesting” translates into celebrity clients, then the producers will definitely include Vander in season 4.

Does a “Vanderless” season 4 mean the end for her on Selling Sunset? 

Cast members leaving a reality show is as sure of a thing as a hero dying in a comic book, but there are always ways to shoehorn them back in. Vander could reappear in subsequent seasons if she isn’t in season 4. She has an infant & toddler and could be taking time away from Selling Sunset to be with them as the rumors suggest. 

If Selling Sunset continues to be a home run for Netflix, the streaming service could create a spinoff series like the plethora of different Real Housewives shows. Oppenheim might have turned down Vander’s idea to open an office in Miami in season 3, but he explained that Miami was not a market he wanted to get into at the moment. 

There is no word on when or if Maimi gets an Oppenheim Group office, but Vander would be situated perfectly to head the office in a spinoff show. Either way, Vander’s career on Selling Sunset isn’t over.

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