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Why is one of the most prolific adult film makers facing multiple sexual assault charges? Join us while we get to know Ron Jeremy, and explore the news!

Why is Ron Jeremy on trial? All the news about his assault charges

Yes, here comes more news about prominent people facing assault charges. The adult film star Ron Jeremy is expected to be tried early in 2022 on multiple rape charges following a hearing on Tuesday. Amid the hearing, an unidentified woman stood up and addressed the judge to complain about his “inhumane” treatment. 

Jeremy’s trial will probably last four to six weeks. It’s expected to begin by the end of February. According to the Los Angeles District Attorney’s office and Ron Jeremy’s lawyer, Stuart Goldfarb, the next hearing was scheduled for December 1st. 

Ron Jeremy has been jailed since June 2020 when he was first charged. He appeared in the courtroom before Judge George Lomeli wearing a jail jumpsuit, sitting in a wheelchair. According to Rolling Stone, his long hair had turned white. This was also substantiated by Goldfarb. 

During the last hearing, Ron Jeremy’s only sole comment was to answer, “Yes,” when asked if he comprehended that his trial could begin around late February. Let’s explore this news!

Ron Jeremy

Ron Jeremy is really Ronald Jeremy Hyatt. He pleaded not guilty to thirty-four counts of sexual assault which included twelve counts of rape, after the grand jury returned an indictment against him on August 25th. 

Goldfarb has announced that the next hearing will most likely be about the prosecutors’ motion to summon more accusers of uncharged alleged “prior bad acts” to testify in the case. Confirmed by Goldfarb, the real charges against Ron Jeremy involve twenty accusers who claim he assaulted them in encounters dating back to 1996.

Tuesday’s hearing experienced some obstruction when the woman in the gallery in the mostly barren courtroom stood up and addressed the judge. They say it’s simply “inhumane” for Ron Jeremy to be in jail while his lawyer was accused of delaying hearings. 

The woman didn’t say who she was when asked. Far as her connection to the case goes, she claimed Jeremy had been her friend for ten years. Goldfarb added that the woman had done this before at an earlier hearing. In the news, he said Ron Jeremy knew the woman but the lawyer chose not to identify her. 

Canada to Florida

Stuart Goldfarb told USA TODAY, “This poor woman, she attacked the district attorney, she attacked me, and last summer in court, ‘Ron I love you!’ She’s challenged.” The lawyer added, “The judge is not going to allow her to do that again — she won’t be allowed in court.” Jeremy is currently remaining in jail due to his bond being set at $6.6 million.

The lawyer is claiming to have been “fielding calls from ‘Canada to Florida’ from Jeremy’s supporters offering to help.” They’re eager to push back against the prosecution’s case that he deserves to be deemed a sexual predator. 

Jeremy’s lawyer added, “He’s been in the industry forty years, he’s been entertaining for years, he’s a comedian, he’s a musician, he’s lectured on the First Amendment on college campuses all over the country and in London, and he’s appeared at hundreds of conventions. People have befriended him over the years. We’re going to do whatever we can to show that real side of him that is not being portrayed.”

Grand jury

The grand jury’s testimony from his accusers says, “Jeremy is accused of leveraging the novelty of his celebrity to meet and often isolate women whom he raped and sexually assaulted, using the same tactics for years.”

Ron Jeremy is also known as “The Hedgehog.” He remains one of the most prolific performers in the p0rnography industry for decades. The majority of the women & girls who have accused Jeremy were between the ages of fifteen and fifty-one. 

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