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Jeffrey Epstein’s death is full of mysteries. A forensic pathologist has had their say on the case. Was Epstein murdered? Let's find out.

Was Jeffrey Epstein’s death murder? Forensic pathologist says “maybe”

Jeffrey Epstein’s death is full of mysteries. While it has been ruled as a suicide, there is enough weirdness surrounding his death to make people wonder otherwise. While Epstein was definitely a garbage human being, we should still have answers once and for all. We’ve talked about accounts and timelines regarding Epstein’s death in the past. Now it’s time to share a bit about what a forensic pathologist has to say on the case. 

Unsurprisingly, Epstein’s family never really thought that Epstein’s death was a suicide. Between them and a lot of conspiracy theorists, there has been so much discussion over the past year on if Epstein was murdered. Officially, of course, the cause of death is suicide and it seems unlikely to change. 

It’s not that big of a surprise either way because Epstein was up on some serious charges, which included sex trafficking and sex trafficking of minors. People who commit crimes against children don’t fare well in prison. That feels like common knowledge at this point in time. Of course, Epstein knew powerful people and could have cut a deal against them to save his own skin. Murder or suicide? It looks even either way.

What does a pathologist think?

In Oct. 2019, Dr. Michael Baden was hired by Epstein’s brother to observe the autopsy of Jeffrey Epstein in order to draw his own conclusions to determine the cause of death. According to Baden, who shared his results on Fox & Friends, he did not concur with the cause of death as suicide by hanging. In fact, he thought the injuries to Epstein’s remains looked a bit odd for that ruling.

Baden said that there “are extremely unusual in suicidal hangings and could occur much more commonly in homicidal strangulation.” He also added that he believed the “evidence points to homicide not suicide”. 

Baden, in addition to his role as a Fox News contributor, also served as a New York City medical examiner with 50 years of experience. According to him, things just aren’t adding up correctly in terms of Epstein’s manner of death.

What does the medical examiner say?

Dr. Barbara Sampson, who ruled Epstein’s death a suicide, doesn’t agree with Baden’s findings. In an interview, she said, “I stand firmly behind our determination of the cause and manner of death in this case. In general, fractures of the hyoid bone and the cartilage can be seen in suicides and homicides.”

Sampson boiled everything down to, “No one finding can be taken in isolation.” Basically, people have to work with the evidence that they are given and draw conclusions from that. Much as we want criminal investigation to be an exact science, it really isn’t, especially in a case as messy as Jeffrey Epstein’s death.

What does this mean?

Basically, Baden’s findings means what anyone who knows anything about the Epstein case knows: there are some suspicious things going on here. We don’t really know exactly what happened that night that Epstein died. From the breaks in procedure by the prison guards to the forensic findings, it’s all really one big guess.

Right now, most people seem content to accept that Epstein’s death was a suicide. After all, the man was a monster and raped countless young women. Perhaps, he was scared of his punishment. His actions in the days leading up to his death make sense for that story as well.

Or it is one big conspiracy between the elite of the world to keep Epstein quiet forever. If no one has cracked by now, then who knows if it will ever happen. Either way, there is always just going to more questions than answers in regard to Jeffrey Epstein’s death.

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