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Certain jobs require experience or skills. Yet, there are plenty of jobs for people lacking both. Here are the top 5 job ideas with minimum requirements.

Top 5 job ideas for inexpert people

Certain jobs in the world require experience and skills. A grand list of job descriptions has waited for candidates but certain jobs are specifically designed for people with no experience. No specific skill is required and people with low or no qualifications can qualify for these jobs coz of their simplicity.

There are certain immediate part time jobs in Singapore that require no experience. Excluding your qualification, experience, and skills you can earn your living by becoming a part of these jobs. Here is a list of such jobs, people with no experience can entertain it.

Delivery service

People can avail the services of delivery with no experience. Different offices and businesses offer the job of delivery. Best example is Amazon Flex. Simply you have to pick different articles and place them in different spots as instructed by providers. No experience is required for this job, anyone can avail of this service. The students can opt for this job, other workers can opt for this job as a part-time job. You’ll just need to download Amazon flex bot app and a valid driving licence and you are good to go.


Labor is a strong pillar of companies. Some companies hire skilled labor while others hire unskilled labor. Unskilled labor can earn money according to the hours of service. Clients hire labor for different tasks and pay them accordingly. The earning of unskilled labor depends on the people who choose them for their work, but it does not make them inferior to skilled labor.

Factory worker

The globe is full of factories. From needles to clothes everything is manufactured in factories. The number of these factories is increasing day by day. These factories required workers. Running factories is a hard task, the owner or the manager cannot run a factory without labor or workers. Packaging different items do not require any experience. Like this task, factories have many other tasks inexperienced people can avail themselves of.


Jobs of loading do not require any experience. If you have a strong body, you are perfect for the job of loading. Such jobs are highly available near construction areas. Other than that different loader vehicles require workers who can load and unload their items on vehicles. Other than that, such jobs are available at different bus stations, rail stations, and airports where the movement of passengers is constant. No experience is required to load and unload luggage.

Grocery assistant

Grocery is the basic requirement of every house. Moving to grocery stores and purchasing different items consume several hours. Several people hire grocery assistants to save precious time. Being a grocery assistant does not require any experience or qualification. You just have to purchase some items that have been instructed by your owner.

Final thoughts

The world is running with the needles of the clock, skilled and unskilled people all are required to meet the needs of hours. Thousands of jobs are available for unskilled and inexperienced people. In this era, experience is not the basic reason for unemployment your body shape and your strength are a source of solid income if you are motivated to do your job. Now experience is no excuse for unemployment.

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