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Are you looking for the most frightening terror tales? Look no further than this list of the best in horror movies from this year!

Top 10 Horror Films Of The First Half Of 2021

Now it’s more and more difficult to choose a worthy movie to watch, especially when it comes to the genre of horror or thriller. Therefore, this article presents the top 10 best horror films of the moment, released in recent years, which will keep you on your toes from the first minute. Do you like horror, love to get a lot of emotions and want to have a great time? Then this top is for you.

10. Classic horror story A story

about a joint trip to the south of Italy of complete strangers, which did not end as they planned. This film may not be of interest from the first minutes, but all because the plot is gradually gaining acceleration. So please be patient, the film itself and the TV actresses are worth watching.

9. Conjuring 3: by the will of the devil

The third part of the famous film directed by Michael Chavez continues to catch, like the two previous parts. This time, the center of events is a brutal murder, the details of which should be sorted out, since the killer himself claims to be possessed by the devil. While watching this movie, you can really feel goosebumps.

8. Trapped

The movie Trapped has quite a usual plot for a thriller, no demons and witches, nevertheless, there is an excellent acting Megan Fox well-done directorial work. The plot tells about a happy couple, only once the main character wakes up, strapped to the corpse of her husband, and those who want to kill her also enter the house. So, if you like horror and thrillers, then feel free to include this film.

7. Ichchi

On the fifth place this year’s Yakut film “Ichchi”. The plot tells the story of ancient spirits that woke up hundreds of years later and yearn for retribution. The film itself can be called creepy, but the plot, to be honest, is similar to many other horror films, where the family moves to a new place and there will be an ancient evil that has lurked for so many years. Nevertheless, the picture came out successful, so it gets into our top.

6. Tolman. The first demon

Closes this top picture of Michael Nader. The plot is based on the mystery of the twilight zone, in which a terrible creature lives, whose name is Tolman. The main character Kami does not immediately understand what happened, because she was just taking a taxi to her country house, and found herself in a dead end in the forest. 

She suspects the taxi driver of malicious intent, but does not yet know what she will face in the twilight forest. The film is imbued with mysticism and fear of a girl who is ready to fight for her life to the last.

5. Nightmares

The film “Nightmares” did not collect billions of views, however, the picture of Anthony Scott Burns deserves attention and ranks sixth in our top. This film has a powerful impact on viewing, it tells the story of a young girl Sarah Dunn who has serious problems with nightmares, and only after finding a solution at the Institute for Sleep Research, she is in serious danger.

4. Hellish Hell

If you like action movies, horror and black humor, then you will appreciate this film. The plot is fundamentally different from typical genre films, it is intricate and interesting. 

The plot is based on the story of the military Rex, whose fate is not developing in the best way, at first he witnesses a bank robbery, during which one employee dies, then goes to jail, but after his release he will face a real nightmare after he decides to move from the States to Finland. So if you have a free evening, then watch this film, you will not regret it.

3. Quiet Place 2

In third place is the second part of the film “Quiet Place”. The plot is based on the seizure of the Earth by alien beings and, of course, humanity’s opposition to them. The plot of the film keeps the viewer in suspense, because the main characters are constantly in danger in an attempt to find a colony of survivors. In addition, I would like to note the excellent performance of the actors in this film.

2. Censor

The rapidly developing story of a girl working in a censorship office. Andy, doing his job and cutting out bloody footage from films, discovers terrible footage in which he recognizes his sister, who disappeared under mysterious circumstances. The girl does not give up and decides to unravel the story of her sister’s disappearance, only if she can cope with all the difficulties.

1. Street of fear

Leads the top Netflix project – 3 parts of the movie Street of Fear. The plot is based on the confrontation between good and evil: two young girls are fighting against an ancient witch. The film captures from the first minutes, the plot develops rapidly and has an unexpected ending that will make you breathless. Many were waiting for the release of this picture, and the film really deserves the first place.

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