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The wait for Hulu's 'The Orville' S3 feels longer than Yaphit's tentacles, so we created a quiz to test just how closely you've paid attention to the show.

Avoid the pee corner! Take our ‘The Orville’ quiz

The Orville and its creators pride themselves on creating an entirely new genre. Seth MacFarlane, meanwhile, takes on a much more serious role than his fans are used to. Paying homage to Star Trek, MacFarlane and co. have set out on a quest of their own with The Orville

We thought 'The Orville' would be returning for S3 on Fox – but news at Comic-Con confirmed that Hulu will be officially streaming the space opera series.

Having won a Saturn Award for Best Science Fiction Television Show last year, fans are thrilled that this year The Orville has been renewed for a third season – although some are getting salty about the proposed move to Hulu. Production has been delayed and the wait for next season feels longer than Yaphit’s tentacles, so we wanted to create a quiz for you, a huge The Orville fan, to test just how closely you paid attention. 

Tweet us @FilmDaily and let us know your score to see if you have what it takes to be Captain of the USS Orville!

Ace this ‘The Orville’ quiz and get shunted back to the right timeline

The Orville
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