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Super Nintendo World has given fans a tour of their Japanese location. Find out what the new park has in store for fans.

Wahoo! Check out this sneak peek into Super Nintendo World in Japan

Super Nintendo World is just around the corner. Nintendo game director Shigeru Miyamoto led a video tour of the company’s new attraction at Universal Studios in Japan, and it looks to be every bit the spectacle that fans have been hoping for. The attraction comes complete with classic Nintendo iconography, game designs come to life, and interactive activities.

Miyamoto takes fans through the introductory aspects of Super Nintendo World, but it’s more than enough to wet fan’s appetites for more. Film Daily decided to comb through the video and point out all the exciting tidbits and Easter eggs you may have missed the first time around!

Super Nintendo teaser

The video tour kicks off with a glimpse of the entrance, which is shaped like a giant pipe. Miyamoto then takes us into the pipe, while discussing the fact that they are never really shown in the video games. Miyamoto reveals that he worked on the design and shape of the pipes with the architects of Super Nintendo World in order to get them just right.

“We discussed different ideas for the interior”, Miyamoto said. “If we’d used all of them it would have been an attraction all by itself”. The game director points out that castle music from the Super Mario games can be heard while walking through the warp pipe, which leads directly to the rest of Super Nintendo World.

Following these tidbits, Miyamoto gives us the very first glimpse at the park. It is full of exciting and clever designs, many of which mirror the one-dimensional designs found in everybody’s favorite games.

Decorations and rides

The game director explains that most of the park’s decorations can be interacted with by visitors who wear a special wristband, which is dubbed the Power-Up Band. This band includes an Amiibo-like NFC chip that allows visitors to sync up virtual coins through their iPhone. 

Miyamoto doesn’t specify how the technology is supposed to work or what the prizes for coin collection are, but he does say there are six different band designs, and visitors will be able to take them home after their stay has ended.

There’s only one ride that gets showcased during the video tour, and it’s a Mario Kart race against Bowser. The ride is located inside a replica of Bowser’s castle, and visitors are made to sit in Mario go-karts that appear to be linked on a roller coaster track. Not much is revealed about what is seen during the ride, but we did get a brief glimpse of Super Mario hats with augmented reality (AR) glasses attached to them. 

Gift shop goodies

Miyamoto also provides a sneak peek at one of the Super Nintendo World restaurants. He walked viewers through one of the park’s restaurants, which is Toad-themed and has windows into its kitchen which are giant LCD panels. We also got a glimpse at some of the park’s other food options, which are as oddly shaped and colorful as you would hope (and expect). The park even sells popcorn in peach and mushroom flavors.

A tour of the park wouldn’t have been complete with a visit to the Super Nintendo World gift shop. Miyamoto showcases some of the Super Mario merchandise that’s exclusive to the gift shop, including a toy called “Toko Toko Mario”. The toy includes a Mario figure that walks when you push the handle attached to his back. There are no batteries needed to make him walk.

Universal Studios Japan’s Super Nintendo World opens on February 4, 2021. They also have plans to open versions in Universal Studios Hollywood, Orlando, and Singapore as well, though specific dates for these locations have not been announced.

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