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Dying to figure out just what is going on with Netflix's 'Squid Game'? Decode the hidden meanings in the series with this helpful guide.

How Successful Is The Latest Netflix Show Squid Game: Decoded!

With their latest show Squid Game Netflix has taken the whole world by storm. Every single person is intrigued about why the show has become so popular. The show talks about how poverty forces people to do anything for survival whether it is playing gambling games (العاب القمار) for some money or playing deadly children’s games. But it also sheds light on one of the most important topics. It depicts how the rich just consider the poor to be a source of entertainment. They do not value the lives of innocent people. 

If you wish to know more about the show’s plot and other details then read the article to the very end. There will also be some spoilers later in the article. So, be prepared!

Since the show has been released, everyone has been interested in knowing how successful the show is. However, what makes it difficult to figure this out is the fact that Netflix does not share its data with the people. What’s even more surprising is that it does not share its confidential data with the show makers either. So, it becomes difficult to figure out how successful the show is.

Data about the show’s success:

The show cost was  just $21.4 million while it has generated around $891 million in impact value. This shows how the show has been massively successful in getting the attention of people to the streaming platform. More than 130 million people have watched at least 2 minutes of the show. All of them watched it in just the first 23 days of its release. Before the release of Squid Game, this record was held by Bridgerton, another hit Netflix show.

If we talk about the percentage of people who watched more than just the first episode of the show, Netflix suggests that around 89% have done so. Around 7 million people completed the entire show in just 23 days. Approximately, the show has been streamed for 1.4 million hours by the audience. 

Squid Game has become popular and also has a relatively low cost. This is the secret behind the show’s massive success. According to Netflix figures, the show is likely to create $900 million in value. A single episode of the show has been created for only $2.4 million. All these details have been derived from the Netflix performance metrics. This document helps us understand how the most popular streaming platform estimates whether the show is successful or not. 

While it has been established how many people started watching the show, we are yet to know how many people completed the entire show. We also don’t know how many people watched most of the show.

Improvement in Netflix’s shares:

Ever since the pandemic started, Netflix’s stocks have been declining. They have also informed that the addition of subscribers has also slowed down. According to Netflix, this slowdown is because the production of TV shows and movies has slowed down because of the pandemic. However, the shares have now increased by approximately 7% ever since the Squid Game was released.

Squid Game’s release date:

The show first premiered on Netflix on September 17. It has a total of 9 episodes full of twists and turns which keeps the viewers on the edge of their seats throughout the series. Netflix has also informed that it was the biggest series launch ever on the platform.

Season 2 of Squid Game:

While most fans are eagerly waiting for the next season of the show, the director has not yet decided on a plot. But, we are sure that Netflix would get the director back and would make him create another season. However, the director has said that if there would be a season 2, he would surely use several writers and directors who can guide him through the process. If we talk about the ending of the first season, there can be multiple stories ahead. We see how the winner of Squid Game, Seong Gi-Hun has won but still feels empty inside. When he sees another innocent man getting exploited, he calls the Squid Game creators. He also gets off the plane. Now, it depends on the makers how they would like to take the story ahead.

The inspiration behind the show:

The game is purely fictional and is not inspired by any real-life game. However, the childhood games shown on the show are real. There has been news that the show is quite similar to the movie, As The Gods Will. This movie was created in the year 2014 in Japan. But, the director has clarified that the show has nothing to do with the movie. The director explains how he read a lot of comics in his childhood and the survival games inspired him to write such an interesting show.

Watch or not:

According to us, Squid Game is a refreshing show that sheds light on the harsh reality of life. It connects with everyone on a personal level. So, it is 100% a watch!

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