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Pakistani Action Hero Shahzel Syed’s Internationally acclaimed ‘COMBATIVO’

Pakistani genius filmmaker and actor Shahzel Syed’s much awaited action entertainer COMBATIVO to release on Pakistani cinema screens by end of May followed by an international release

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan, March 16th 2022, Pakistani Talent Extraordinaire and the writer, producer, director and actor One man Army Shahzel Syed’s full Action entertainer ‘COMBATIVO’ Pakistan’s first full Action thriller martial arts film whose trailers have excited and thrilled worldwide audience is set for release on Pakistani cinema screens by end of May subject to clearance from the local censors. After the national release the film will be later released worldwide in English.

With the launch of its new teasers ‘COMBATIVO’ has attracted fans from many countries. With many viewers rendering it as a ‘Masterpiece of Action Cinema’. Some words of International viewers on the social media are: 

A movie’s fan from India ‘Harsh Sharma’ commented: 

“This movie beat Hollywood”

Film fan ‘Saahir’s Novel Collection’ commented: 

You made a master piece without copying Hollywood… 

A Chinese Actor and stuntman Johan Karlberg commented:

“ Awesome movie, super cool and a super hero from Pakistan ” 

An Indian fan Akash: 

“ I am eagerly waiting this blockbuster movie. ”

Another Viewer Mohmand TV:

“ Pakistani Expendables”

A Turkish movie fan Abdul Haseeb commented on the film’s Red Band Trailer

As a cinema student I really like cinematography and the use of colors is good. The direction is also great, I’m looking forward to it

A fan from Pakistan: 

Great Masterpiece

The movie’s English version has just recently been recently completed. Shahzel Syed shares some exciting plans for the film’s international release after the original language ‘Urdu’ version is released in Pakistan this summer.

It has been a long struggle with immense hard work making this movie independently while working against so many odds. The film took more than five years to get completed with a lot of tragic events happening in between. And all the filming and extensive post production got completed in 2021. And as you know by then the Covid 19 crisis had already struck the world thus the film’s launch got delayed by another year. However now I am excited to see the film set for release in Pakistan by end of May followed by the English version’s release in the International market. said Shahzel Syed writer, producer, and director of ‘Combativo’.

The movie is a game-changer for the cinema market of Pakistan according to the filmmaker Shahzel Syed’s words.

The recent film productions in Pakistan are not really cinema films rather they look more like TV dramas with addition of some typical singing and dancing of the bollywood genre, such content will not help create a true cinematic experience. Whereas Combativo is a total game-changer as our content’s strength is that it is original, purely made for cinema and the Action is at par with any world class action film. I mean with this film I am bringing the craft of Action cinema for the first time to screens in Pakistan, After watching Combativo movie viewers will instantly be reminded of the action greats like Jackie Chan, Van Damme, Steven Seagal, Sylvester Stallone, Chuck Norris and Arnold Schwarzenegger ” 

The music score of the movie has been given by American music composer, Aaron Latina. Notables among the cast include Shabbir Shah, Bashir Raja, Saleem Shah and also fresh talent like Bushra Dost Baloch and Shoukat Shehzad with Shahzel Syed starring as the lead action hero of the movie, playing the role of Ahmad Ali, an Ex Commando who wages a war against a ruthless nexus of crime and terror. 

As seen from the movie’s teasers there seem to be a lot of fighting stunts and gun action CGI in the film. The filmmaker shares the ‘behind the scene’ story.

I have performed all my fight stunts myself, me and my team we have worked very hard on developing the Action scenes, so viewers will watch realistic but Spectacular gun action, an awesome helicopter Gun ship attack scene and  intense martial arts fight scenes that we have made without using any cables, As an independent film made with a limited budget the movie’s VFX work has been applauded. You can have a glimpse of that in the latest teasers of Combativo,” said Shahzel Syed.

The actor had launched his own film production brand ‘Shah Productions’ back in 2010 to make quality Action entertainment content for the global market. For the last seven years the Actor has been attending world’s top film events like Cannes film festival marche du film and Berlinale to promote his passionate Action projects and give his country’s name a boost. With the release of this film the world comes to see the multi-genius talent of Shahzel Syed not just as an actor, writer, producer and director but above all as a new action hero on the world entertainment scene. And we hope his movie sets a new trend for the Pakistani entertainment industry and becomes a top Action brand.  

For more information about Combativo and other works from Shahzel Syed, he can be found across social media, including Facebook as well as Instagram and Twitter @ShahzelSyed.

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