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Grab a pen and take notes as you learn more about how the young entrepreneur Rubab Gul was able to achieve manager level in only months!

How did a 22-years old young Pakistani girl achieve her Manager level in 3 months?

A story on the platform of Forever Living Products.

Earning and learning are just like the two wheels of a bicycle. We often consider our academic careers to be everything. But here are some odds.

Meet Rubab Gul, a 22 years old young Pakistani Entrepreneur who has progressed a lot during her academic career. Her journey of success is absolutely demanding and should be brought in front of the mass market.

achieve manager level

Rubab Gul is a Pakistani citizen and a software engineer by profession. In May 2021, she joined “Forever Living Products” in the Millionaire-23 group. During her stay as a business entrepreneur, she achieved her beginner level till Manager in just 3 months which is a record that no one achieved that level so fast before.

Joining in May 2021, she got her first Extra incentive called “Car Plan” in the following September. And currently, along with her studies, she is earning 600,000 PKR to 800,000 PKR per month on average which is a big number for students living in Pakistan.

My upline was Kashif Aslam, who introduced this amazing platform to me. If he didn’t introduce me, I wouldn’t be able to get where I am today.          -Rubab Gul

achieve manager level

Challenges she faced

Serving in the network marketing platform provided by “Forever Living Products”, she worked day and night to maintain her network. It was a challenging task for her but she didn’t escape those difficulties. Working consecutively for 3 months, she achieved her Manager Target with a big round of appreciation from the Forever Platform.

In this hour of hustle and bustle, everyone is struggling so hard. Some has found a way to do that hard work while others couldn’t. Success is only achieved by believers who struggle on that chosen path.

Forever is a vertically integrated and cash rich company. Only those succeed in Forever who adopt it for Forever. Choosing a path is easy but moving on that path is a hectic process. It demands continuous perseverance and hard work. While doing hard work, never forget the smart work part. A network marketing is a successful platform for beginners as well as professionals.

achieve manager level

Rubab Gul worked in an excellent manner carefully considering all the aspects of network marketing. And soon she realized all the challenges in her journey. So, trying new ways and working hard day and night brought her towards this marvelous destination. And she proved that it is absolutely possible to be a great entrepreneur along with the studies and other challenges.

She also faced a lot of rejections in this field. Motivating others to join a network and creating a down line network is always a challenging task. It can be met with careful perseverance and continuous efforts. Leaving behind the stereotypes that women cannot do anything, she just gave a good message to all youth worldwide.

Consistency and effort are the keys to get success. I am an example to those who claim that they cannot earn during their studies.          -Rubab Gul

achieve manager level

A message to audience

Everyone who is reading this piece of an article should realize that nothing is impossible to achieve. It doesn’t matter where you are today and what type of challenges you are facing, there is always a big room for success wherever you are. The only thing is the deep focus and strength of hard work.

Forever Living Product is a multilevel Network Marketing Company. Basically, it is known for its organic products containing Aloe Vera. Also called an Aloe Vera company, it has developed worldwide in 160 countries.

achieve manager level

In order to get the best entrepreneurship advice, you can contact her at the following details:

Phone: +92 307 6563807

Phone: +92 312 6583807

Instagram: @rubab.gul.official

Facebook: Rubab Gul

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