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Join us on Thursday, February 26th in Toronto for an evening of supernatural delights. We’ll be streaming the premiere of Shadowhunters S3B.

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The Shadowfam is heating up this week with the hotly anticipated midseason premiere of Shadowhunters season 3b right around the corner. If you didn’t already know, Film Daily and Fancity Central are hosting an exciting meetup for dedicated Toronto fans the night following the premiere.

We’ll be hosting a private premiere screening at Toronto’s Innis Town Hall, where you’ll be able to watch along with your friends and a crowd of passionate Shadowfans as the premiere hits the air in all its glory. Will Magnus regain his powers and go back to his happy place with Alec? Will Clary remain her normal self or has she been changed for good?

This week we find out all about the first non-acting jobs of our favorite actors from 'Shadowhunters', 'Grown-ish', and 'Good Trouble'.

Drop by in Toronto and find out! Get your best screaming voice ready for the wild twists & shocking reveals in store.

We know you might not live within spitting distance of The Big Smoke, so we’re holding a competition to make the trip a little more affordable. But if you’re planning on going already, get a couple of friends on board and you’ll be in with the chance of making the night even better.

As well as group-streaming the show to boost viewing figures and let Freeform know the Shadowfam can’t be brought down, there’ll also be a cosplay competition, a temporary rune tattoo station, and a photo booth. All attendees get a beautiful poster designed by Shadowfam fave David Nephilim.

After expenses, all event proceeds will go to The Trevor Project, a nonprofit organization that has become the heart of the Shadowhunters fandom. It provides a free helpline for LGBTQI youth who are struggling with bullying or mental health, or just want a chat.

To make this exclusive event extra special, we’ve got some brilliant guests in store.

Adam K. Wilson

Adam is no stranger to sci-fi & fantasy, and after appearances in The Expanse & 12 Monkeys and narrating the alien abduction series Alien Mysteries, donning a set of rubber horns to portray Ragnor Fell for Shadowhunters was a logical move. Though the series does away with Ragnor’s green skin as described in the books, his appropriately prickly performance as the former High Warlock was embraced by the fans and he’s since been outspoken about his support for the Shadowfam and The Trevor Project.

Brian Hui

Without Brian’s handiwork and makeup expertise, there’s no way the stars of Shadowhunters would look as good as they do. With a background in musicals working for classic Broadway adaptations Chicago and Hairspray, Hui’s had a soaring career working alongside the makeup teams for prestige shows like The Expanse and Designated Survivor, as well as working with Jessica Chastain for political thriller Miss Sloane. Make sure to hit him up during the Q&A for some killer makeup tips.

Jade Hassouné

Jade is a young actor known for working alongside the late Paul Walker in Brick Mansions as well as apperances in Orphan Black, Heartland, and That’s My DJ. He’s best known to us for playing the faerie knight Maliorn – just don’t expect him to be rocking that hairdo on the night.

Josh Horvath

Josh is familiar to us as the swarmy, blood-thirsty vampire, Joshua, whose haunted the Shadowhunters gang since the second season. He’s no stranger to the undead, having previously played a vampiric victim in Guillermo Del Toro’s The Strain. Hit him up for tips on sharpening your stakes and growing the best garlic, and make sure you tune in to his next gig, skating sports drama Spinning Out, where he’ll be featuring alongside Kaya Scodelario. 

Stephanie Belding

Stephanie has enjoyed an illustrious career on both stage & screen, having appeared in regional theaters across America. As well as gaining Film Daily kudos with her guest role in Dark Matter, she’s also worked with Zack Snyder in the superhero epic Watchmen as well as alongside Joseph Gordon-Levitt in 50/50. We know and love her as the notorious warlock, Dr. Iris Rouse.

Kevin Alves

Kevin portrays what has to be one of our favorite recurring roles, Bat Velasquez, the hapless new member of the New York werewolf pack who provided more than a little trouble for the Shadowgang. He clearly got a taste for the supernatural, as he’ll be starring in his own series, Locke & Key, this year. The new show follows three brothers moving into their ancestral, and undoubtedly haunted, estate after their father’s gruesome murder.

John Rakich

If you’ve been dreaming of a career in the production side of TV, John’s the guy to talk to. He’s had over ten years’ experience in the biz working as a location scout, ensuring your favorite shows look as picturesque as possible. As well working with the Shadowhunters team since the beginning, he’s provided his services for critically acclaimed series like The Expanse, American Gods, and Hannibal.

Come back here for further announcements!

If you live in or near Toronto, make sure to click right here to purchase your tickets. If you’re not nearby, but you’d like us to bring a Shadowhunters event to your city, sign up here.

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