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Amanda Seyfried *really* wants to join the 'Wicked' movie. Learn about her five year campaign and her dream co-stars.

Amanda Seyfried wants to join the ‘Wicked’ movie: Who would she play?

Wicked, the beloved Broadway musical, has been in movie development for, like, actual decades. Or so it feels like anyway. As each year ticks by, we wonder, when will we see the Wicked movie on the big screen. Who will play Elphaba? Who will play Glinda? When will we see The Wizard of Oz reimagined, filling in the blanks before Dorothy dropped in? 

Of course, many actors have floated their names through the casting process over the years. Back in the mid 00s, right after the musical was released, Idina Menzel & Kristen Chenoweth’s names were naturally floated to reprise their roles. Over the years, different names have appeared as potential cast from Jennifer Hudson to Ariana Grande. Now, however, someone is throwing their hat in the ring for Wicked.

Amanda Seyfried wants to be “wicked”

Amanda Seyfried wants to be in the Wicked movie. If you want to get specific about it, of course you do, she wants to play Glinda in the film. Honestly? We don’t hate that casting. Is she able to hit those killer high notes that Chenoweth did so effortlessly? Uncertain. But we know she can sing. Seyfried played the older Cosette back in the 2012 film version of the musical Les Misérables. 

In addition to her role in Les Mis, Seyfried also appeared in both Mamma Mia! & Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again. Needless to say, she has the musical backing. Seyfried even went the distance. She sent director Jon M Chu, who is set to direct the Wicked movie, a video of herself singing Glinda’s signature song, “Popular”. She admits in the Variety Awards Circuit podcast that she’s wanted the role for five years.

You really got to applaud that dedication. Actually, Seyfried admitted in that podcast she hired a vocal coach to help her hit the insanely high notes for “Popular”. Given how badly she clearly wants the role? We hope she gets it. Listen, there’s some serious dedication here, and, hopefully, Jon M Chu will see that when casting the Wicked movie.

Who could play Elphaba? 

In the same podcast, Seyfried floated some hypothetical co-stars if she hypothetically gets cast in the Wicked movie. Fellow musical actress Anna Kendrick, naturally, got a mention. Kendrick is known for her work in Pitch Perfect movies along with roles in The Last Five Years and Into the Woods. Seyfried’s dream co-star, however, is her Les Mis co-star Samantha Barks, whose rendition of “On My Own” is a tearjerker.

Seyfried said, “But that was the original idea. Samantha is my No. 1. I mean, there’s no better singer in the world, I think. Of course, I was not ready or Glinda at that point. But it’s really fun to sing with her.” To be fair, Seyfried is not wrong. Of her hypothetical co-stars, however, Kendrick shared what she thinks of hypothetical starring in the Wicked movie with Seyfried. 

When asked by E! News if she was interested in the idea, Kendrick, in true Anna Kendrick fashion, said, “I hadn’t heard that, but I, when I met her in real life, she said that to me. So I was like, what are you, eavesdropping on that conversation? I didn’t know that she’d said that.”

When will we hear anything on the Wicked movie?

Presumably, Jon M Chu is looking to assemble the best cast possible for the Wicked movie. So whoever he decides on, we’re eagerly awaiting to hear what the cast will look like. Just, you know, don’t make it as bad as Cats. In the Heights looks really good. We’re hopeful about this. Don’t make us lose hope, Jon M Chu! 

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