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Is Samantha Jones being killed off? Here's why she isn't in the 'Sex and the City' mini-series reboot.

Is Samantha dead? Here’s what the ‘Sex and the City’ cast has to say

Sex and the City has found an endless popularity it seems. With six seasons of the original show (that won eight Golden Globes), two movies, and now a reboot miniseries, it seems that the twenty-three year-old show is proving to be timeless.

Oh, right, there’s a reboot series of Sex and the City coming – we probably could have been a little more ceremonious about that announcement. More on that later, though.

The real bombshell is the fact Kim Cattrall is officially not going to be part of the series. She was resistant to being in the movies and her reluctance is what prevented a third from ever being made. Now, it seems the girls want their cash cow paychecks – with or without Cattrall. Here’s what we know about the mini series and the slightly truncated cast.

Mini-series details

The new reboot series of Sex and the City will have ten episodes and be available HBO Max.

It’s not currently known when the new episodes will be available, but we do know that production is planned for the spring of this year. Late 2021 or early 2022 seems to be a pretty safe bet for when you can get your eyeballs on some more Sex and the City content – provided unforeseen circumstances (such as COVID-19 delays) don’t impede production.

Teaser trailer

Originally debuting on Sarah Jessica Parker’s Instagram, the teaser trailer above was posted on Sunday evening. It doesn’t show much, but it’s enough for Sex and the City fans to get excited. And really, that’s the point of a teaser trailer, isn’t it?

No Samantha?

Cattrall has made it clear for years that she has no interest in reprising her role as Samantha Jones, nor has she hidden her feud with the cast – mainly Sarah Jessica Parker. However, the show apparently really must go on, and the cast will now feature three main characters instead of four.

Cattrall will not be replaced with a different actress, according to Sarah Jessica Parker, who replied to a few curious fans on Instagram.

A few fans on Twitter will be disappointed by this – users were more than ready with casting suggestions ranging from Jane Krakowski to Jennifer Coolidge. Parker also clarified that Cattrall’s lack of presence isn’t due to dislike but that, “Samantha isn’t part of this story. But she will always be part of us.”

This leads to another question though – what will become of Samantha Jones? She has to be written out some way. Some are worried she’ll be permanently killed off, preventing her from ever rejoining the cast if she ends up changing her mind regarding a later reboot. Fans seem to agree that the best thing to do would be to give her some kind of happily ever after that just happens to not be in New York.

Twitter makes jokes

As always Twitter is either angry or making light of situations, luckily fans of Sex and the City decided to make jokes about Kim Cattrall (and Samantha) not being part of the reboot cast. We just had to share some of our favorites.

Pilates queen

Considering how often Samantha is known to talk about pilates this is just statistically probable.

It’s just a city now

With Samantha no longer part of the cast, some are worried that the core of the show’s flashy title is meaningless now.

Some respect the choice

While some found it hard to accept that their favorite character was no longer going to be part of the series, others respected Cattrall’s decision to do what makes her happy.

May we all be so lucky to be in a position to turn down a paycheck of what was likely millions of dollars.

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