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'Selling Sunset' season 3 has been out for a month now, which means it's time for the memes to come out in full force.

Here are the absolute best ‘Selling Sunset’ season 3 memes

Addicted to Netflix’s Selling Sunset? Have you just finished season 3 of the series? Want to see all the memes roasting the hell out of Davina and how she still hasn’t sold a house yet? Selling Sunset season 3 has been out about a month, which means that it’s meme time for this insane reality series about the Oppenheim Group real estate brokerage firm.

Selling Sunset season three may have left us with a lot of questions. Namely if Mary Fitzgerald and Christine Quinn will ever make up or why Davina is still there. While you’re sucked into the drama (along with the gorgeous houses), there’s just a whole trainwreck affair to the reality series. Like you can’t believe people are acting like this. Naturally, this means that it’s meme time. 

1. “The plot”

Yes, sure, there’s the interpersonal drama. There’s also millions of dollars worth of house to gawk at and pretend like maybe you can get it. One day. Look at how pretty they are! 

2. Christine gets in on the action

Either she loves being compared to Regina George or things are about to get real bad for whoever made this meme.

3. Heather you should know at this point

Stop asking if things are vegan and look it up! You should know at this point!

4. It’s what she deserves

Anything bad that happens to Davina is good for all of us. 

5. Do you though? 

Also, stop saying you’re going to get your brokerage firm, Davina. No one likes you.

6. Huh . . . 

Let’s give the tarot card reader who predicted that split their own reality show. 

7. Applause for the unproblematic hero of the series

Romain is such a good husband. Look at him. He’s like a puppy.

8. There’s a difference

Seriously. How did Davina get so much worse in Selling Sunset season 3? 

9. Bad vibes = bad complexion

Just look at Davina! Who is thirty. Girl.

10. Sell a house or shut up, Davina! 

Three seasons! Three seasons and she never sold that freaking house!

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