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Recently, social media was flooding with a Scott Cooper Miami photo trick. Joshua Cooper is a political consultant hired by politician Rick Scott.

Scott Cooper Miami A Little Misdirection And Not A Real Political Scandal

Recently, social media was flooding with a Scott Cooper Miami photo trick. Joshua Cooper is a political consultant hired by the Governor of Florida Rick Scott. When people run for political office there is always a need to be prepared with dirt. 

Rick Scott had hired Cooper to do opposition research and dig dirt, so it could be used against their opponents during an election. Opposition political researchers exhume skeletons from the candidate’s closets associated with past marriages or past votes or a secret lover or a drunken driving charge. An unfortunate phrase said in an interview decades ago comes back to haunt during an election campaign. 

A snapshot about Cooper holding an ice boulder in the shape of a penis opposite a mannequin’s groin is going viral. Cooper denied it saying that he does not go around bang mannequins. The photo was taken from an angle by his friend. It was a joke but as soon as his friend saw the Scott Cooper Miami photo going viral, he deleted the online post but it was late. He said that the opposition researchers grabbed this opportunity and are using it to damage his reputation.

Cooper is not just a political consultant or acts as an opposition researcher but is also a semi-professional BBQ chef. His barbeque team is called ‘Swinos’. On their Twitter profile, the slogan mentioned is – ‘Getting it moist & keeping it there’. It says a lot about how funny the BBQ team is. The team has been successful as a ‘competitive grill master’. 

The Scott Cooper Miami photo that went viral was captured during a Memphis competition, which the Swinos won. Cooper saw a large ice slab melting, so he picked it up and was throwing it over the fence. One of his teammates accidentally took a picture from an angle. The teammate thought the photo looked funny, so he shared it online. It was an innocent joke, which is circulating in the political arena. 

Cooper says that his teammate deleted the photo but it is still recirculating to discredit his image. It is the repercussion a person has to pay for being a part of the Scott Cooper Miami political group. 

According to the state records in Florida, since 2012 PAC and Republican groups have paid Strategic Information Consultants LLC [Cooper’s firm] more than $768,000. Roughly $517000 of it came from ‘Let’s Get to Work’, which is Rick Scott’s political committee. Some year ago Scott even channeled taxpayer dollars towards Cooper for performing opposition research on governors’ behalf.

When Cooper is not grilling meat, he has managed to haul significant cash being Governor Scott’s leading campaign consultant. It is not a surprise to see that his enemies in Tallahassee are getting back like a badass. He is making efforts to clear the reality of the photo, which everyone knows is a snapshot captured from the wrong angle or a picture taken at the wrong time. 

So, according to Cooper this photo that is forcefully being related to Scott Cooper Miami is a little misdirection to throw some dirt on a political consultant. 

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