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When the darndest thing a kid says is, "I see ghosts", what's a parent do? Prepare to be frightened by these spooky first-hand encounters with the undead.

Can your kid see ghosts? The spookiest haunting stories online

What defines childhood? There are far too many childhoods out there to give a precise answer, and there is no precise answer to that question. The fact is, not everybody has the same childhood experience. For some people, it’s a particular show or movie they used to watch that they see as the symbol for their childhood. Others may think of the landscape surrounding their childhood homes or people who made great impacts on their lives. 

Others remember the trauma they faced, thus, thinking of negative notions as the definition of childhood. Whatever your story is, the theme that childhood (in a general sense) seems to entail is “imagination”. Childhood is supposed to be full of play. You’re encouraged to use your imagination and put yourself in different worlds. Some of us even believed in made-up worlds earnestly. 

For those of us who really believed in such things as ghosts and goblins, what if we weren’t imagining things as kids? Clearly, children are very imaginative but could it be that children are not daydreaming as often as we think? We’ve heard of kids seeing ghosts but not every story is a legend. Can your kid really see ghosts? We learn new things about our world all the time! We’ve found some great stories online.

kid see ghosts

The Lingering Grandmother

This story is told by a mother named Priscilla A. She’s a mother of one. 

“We bought our current house from a man who was married for forty-plus years. His wife passed away a couple of years before we bought the house. One evening, while tucking my two-year-old into bed, he said, ‘Mama, night-night to the grandma,’ while pointing to the hallway between his room and mine — what was her room back then.”

kid see ghosts

The Cemetery Sighting

Erin T., a mother of two wrote:

“My son was around two at the time. We were driving past the cemetery when he said, ‘Look, mama! Dead people.’ Yes, darling, I responded” Of course, this wouldn’t be evidence that the kid saw a ghost. But then he matter-of-factly said ‘Kids!’

“And sure enough, we were passing by the children’s section.” Out of curiosity, Erin asked her son if the kids were happy or sad. The boy told his mother they were happy saying, “They are running around that daddy.” But all Erin saw was a man standing alone with his head dropped.” It warmed my heart, honestly.”

kid see ghosts

The Midnight Playmate

We all had playmates back in the day. Was there anything unique about yours? This story is from Tracy B who’s a mother of three. 

“My then four-year-old would tell me about a little girl who wanted to play with her. She apparently wanted to play all hours of the day and night. When I was finally able to sort out what was up with my daughter, in the middle of the night, I left this little ghost some toys in an upstairs closet so she could play by herself. 

She had a stuffed lamb and a stuffed duck, and I used to find them moved most mornings. The four-year-old shared a room with her sibling, so I know it wasn’t her moving the toys.”

kid see ghosts

The Door-Slammer

Have you ever slammed your door out of anger or frustration? According to many stories, ghosts can feel all the emotions of the living. Dee Dee A., a mother of two brings us The Door-Slammer.

“Ender, my four-year-old, will tell us stories about the little girl who shuts doors and turns off the lights. He can’t tell us what she looks like or where she goes. I don’t talk about ghosts or anything that would give Ender this idea. The last time the little girl was here, I heard the door slam.” Dee Dee ran in and asked her son if he had closed the door. 

He said, “No, the little girl did because she didn’t want to play.”

Do you have any stories of your kid seeing ghosts? Let us know so we can put them in another article! Also, tell us if you believe these stories!

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