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You’re never too old for a furry creature. Here's everything you need to know about the viral sensation Disney Cutie Cuffs.

What in the heck are Disney cutie cuffs and why would I want them?

You’re never too old for a furry creature, although this can have multiple readings, this time we’re talking about actual teddies. Disney cutie cuffs are all you need right now, if you thought collecting Funkos was attractive, collecting Disney cutie cuffs is definitely superior. They’re soft, little, tender, and hyper-cute, aside from the nostalgia that having anything from Disney definitely brings. 

Olaf from Frozen, Finding Nemo’s little turtle, and Stitch are just some of the available options. If it wasn’t obvious, Mickey & Minnie Mouse come in several formats too! This is definitely the sign you were expecting to start your Disney furry friends collection. But aside from the fact that they’re extra cute, what makes these toys so worthy and special? 

The world we currently live in is all about the concept, we’re no longer looking for particular objects but the full satisfying experience. Why do you think people pay so much for a Starbucks Caramel Macchiato or even better, for a seasonal drink? The so-called experience. Disney cutie cuffs are surprise ball toys, and you have no way to know which character you’ll get. 

All you need to know about Disney cutie cuffs 

These amazing toys were born in a collaboration with Target and they have obviously become extra popular due to TikTok. Not only do people buy their cutie cuff for the experience of revealing the mysterious Disney character that is popping, but for the opportunity of creating a TikTok out of it. Bullsitoy is the official manufacturer and includes a pocket-sized plushie with straps. 

There are six main characters and as you might imagine, the main goal is to obviously get them all eventually. The possibilities are Pascal, the chameleon from Tangled, Minnie and Mickey Mouse, Stitch, from Lilo and Stitch, Olaf, from Frozen, and Squirt the turtle from Finding Nemo. Initially, the product was targeted at children, but it looks like we adults haven’t quite grown up. 

The eternal nostalgia towards Disney and the TikTok trend was key in the customer’s target change. TikToks regarding Disney cutie cuffs are quite different from each other, that’s what happens with trends, they always end up transforming. Anyway, in most videos people record themselves buying the product and then show the big surprise and how it looks attached to their steering wheels.

Something quite common in these videos is watching the creator getting upset because they didn’t get the cutie cuff they were expecting. But you know what’s worse than that? getting a duplicated cutie cuff of a character you already have.

Why buy a Disney cutie cuff? 

There are several interesting phenomena around this viral product. Aside from Disney nostalgia and the fact that it got viral on TikTok, which is honestly a very important detail, collectible toys are just so addictive. Remember when you used to fill your favorite boy bands or football world cup albums? Not only do we get the excitement of finding the card we were missing, but we get a community. 

Suddenly certain dynamics like exchanging a particular cutie cuff, selling them, or looking all over the internet where to find the missing toy become kind of fun. After such a traumatic event as the COVID-19 pandemic, having these kinds of games that involve innocence and interacting with other people or creating a community can be quite comforting. 

This phenomenon around the Disney cutie cuff says a lot about the current world we live in: the way the media right over our decisions and how needy humans are for the feeling of belonging. If you think of it, life is like a daily Disney cutie cuff, you never know which character you’re going to get, and your whole life would spin around finding what you miss. 

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