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Scary basements are a big part of all sorts of horror. Here are the 7 scariest basements in the most popular horror movies ever.

7 Super-Scary Basements in Movies

Scary basements are a big part of all sorts of horror. There’s something about ill-kept basements that can just make it easy for you to feel scared. If you’re looking for a scary basement to enjoy in your next movie, here are seven of the scariest basements from horror movies.

7. A Nightmare on Elm Street – 6 Basement Evil Score

In A Nightmare on Elm Street, Freddy’s boiler room is called the Nightmare Factory because he used it to torture and murder people. There are plenty of great moments in this movie, and the Nightmare Factory is definitely a unique spin on a horrifying basement.

6. Psycho – 6.6 Basement Evil Score

One of the big reveals of Psycho takes place in a basement, although that basement is technically a fruit cellar. When the main character, Lila, goes into the fruit cellar, she’s shocked to find the mummified remains of Norman Bates’ mother.

5. The Conjuring – 7 Basement Evil Score

The Conjuring is one of the most well-known horror franchises of the modern era, and it starts largely in a basement. When the family in The Conjuring moves into a farmhouse, they start having horrific things happening to them, revolving around the creepy basement, full of masks, statues, instruments, and a doll named Anabelle.

4. The People Under the Stairs – 8.5 Basement Evil Score

This horror-comedy deals with a deeply dark basement full of deformed cannibals. It turns out these cannibals are actually children that were stolen from their parents and put into this basement, having turned into cannibals just to survive.

3. The Evil – 9 Basement Evil Score

This classic horror movie takes place in New Mexico, where a home is built over what the owner believes is hot sulfur pits. However, when a group of friends stay the night in the home, they learn that those “hot sulfur pits” are actually a door to another dimension.

2. Get Out – 9.6 Basement Evil Score

The luxury colonial fashion of this Alabama house is a terrifying contradiction to what lurks inside. The basement of the Get Out home has a laboratory for transporting people’s consciousness, and when Chris goes under hypnosis, he goes to the Sunken Place.

1. The Silence of the Lambs – 9.8 Basement Evil Score

The most terrifying basement on this list is definitely Buffalo Bill’s basement from The Silence of the Lambs. The serial killer keeps kidnapped women in a dry well in his basement, where he starves them to make it easier to remove their skin.


Basements are often where the scariest parts of movies take place. Something about an ill-kept basement just makes people scared, making it the perfect place to set a horrifying moment in a movie. If you’re looking to get a little scared during your next movie night, you might want to use one of these terrifying basement moments. These are definitely some of the scariest basements in all of the world of horror, at any rate.

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