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Are you keeping up with reality show drama? Relive all the conflict and explosive fights from 'The Real Housewives of Potomac'.

‘Real Housewives of Potomac’: All the craziest fights from the show

From the get-go back in 2006, The Real Housewives franchise has given us a lot to discuss. Apparently, housewives have a lot to brawl about, whether they’re from Orange County or other countries such as South Africa. 

Just as its predecessors, The Real Housewives of Potomac is filled with fights, which sure have been welcomed by the audiences. Everyone knows reality TV is addictive af, and we can’t look away when things get intense between these housewives.

Recently an epic brawl made us think about every time The Real Housewives of Potomac has featured crazy fights. Here are our favorite drama-filled conflicts.

Gizelle vs. Karen

It all started when Gizelle & Robyn told the group they wouldn’t be joining them for an excursion. Karen thought their decision wasn’t acceptable and tried to confront Gizelle about it.

Gizelle must’ve thought this was the best moment to drag Karen about another issue. Things took an even darker turn when Gizelle suggested Erika Liles, her business partner at EveryHue Beauty, had Karen’s husband drooling.

With such a harsh statement, Karen obviously had enough of her. Talk about being completely brutal.

Ashley vs. Monique

A couple of years ago Monique had a car accident which got a lot of attention from the audience. Monique’s accident was caused by her falling asleep briefly a couple of blocks away from her home. Luckily, she woke up just in time to swerve and avoid hitting a tree.

Things became controversial when Ashley implied Monique’s car accident happened because she had been drinking before driving. After such a harsh accusation, it’s no wonder fans looked down on Monique for her behavior and, eventually, Monique confronted Ashley about spreading those rumors. 

Candiace vs. Monique

Just last weekend we got to witness one of the worst catfights we’ve seen in The Real Housewives history. If you haven’t heard much about it, here’s what happened. (Srsly tho, we know you came here to read our scoop in this exact conflict.)

The gang was at a wine taste celebrating Gizelle’s award for her book My Word. The previous episode left us on a cliffhanger when Candiace asked Monique “Do you wanna drag me?”, and Monique replied “Do you want me to?”

Monique confronted Candiace for stepping aside with Gizelle & Ashley to have a private conversation at Monique’s lake house. Candiace wanted to talk about some of Ashley’s personal issues, but Monique took offense. 


Monique is apparently also pissed that Candiace maintains a friendship with former housewife Charisse who, Monique claims, has been spreading rumors about Monique having an affair with her personal trainer.

Another big issue was how Candiace took offense by how Monique wouldn’t say goodbye to her when leaving her lake house. Monique claims she was actually tired and asleep, and told Candiace she wouldn’t understand because she doesn’t have kids. Candiace felt Monique was shaming her for not being a mother, which escalated the conflict even further.

Finally, the conflagration exploded when Monique questioned Candiace friendship, which led to Candiace asking “What are you gonna do? Drag me? Drag me!” Monique ended up actually reaching for Candiace and trying to land physical blows.


The rest of the gang as well of members of the staff had to intervene to separate the two enraged women. While Candiace didn’t appear to suffer any physical damage, Monique’s lip was cut open by a glass she thought Candiace had struck her with, while others deem the injury an accident.

Even though this episode aired recently, the conflict originally happened last year and resulted in lawsuits from both women. Charges were later dropped, but it seems everyone’s still affected by the fight. The rest of the housewives took particular offense at Monique’s behavior, finding it fed into a stereotype of black women being combative.

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