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These Karens have surpassed the memes and just gone to being straight up racist. If you see a Karen like this in the wild, get your camera out.

More than just memes: These Karens are straight-up racists

The Karen: A creature so vicious, it could even make Medusa turn to stone. When she walks into a store, hide your children, your coupons, and really anyone who isn’t the poor cashier about to get screamed at for 10 minutes. 

But a new trend has come about on Twitter as a spinoff to Karen memes. Now, Karen isn’t just the woman berating the waiter as if it’s their fault the food’s taking so long. It’s also the woman who screams at black people who are in her neighborhood, or accuses black people of stealing when they’re just as valid customers as white people. 

These Karens have surpassed the memes and become full-on racists. So while they may have the Karen haircut, do not get yourself confused: these women (and men) are just racists. 

San Francisco Karen

Apparently, this Karen, named Lisa Alexander, just felt like harassing an innocent man who was trying to do something nice in front of his own home, not outstretching anyone else’s property. But because the beautiful drawing he was doing involved Black Lives Matter, Karen wasn’t too happy and claimed the man didn’t live there. 


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“I’m afraid” #SantaBarbara #California This “Karen” seems to refused to produce her insurance info and instead called the police and said that she was being threatened – even when the video evidence shows otherwise. In the end she seems to admit to don’t having it. “Under California Vehicle Code Section 16029, it is illegal to drive a vehicle without EVIDENCE of financial responsibility. Typically, this is referred to as driving without insurance. This forms of financial responsibility MUST be carried with you in your vehicle at all times. In most cases, drivers carry a company-issued insurance card or paper that includes the driver’s name and information, and the insurance company’s name, address, policy number, and dates of coverage” | | | #pavelpaulinich #vote #karens #kevins #karensgoingwild #hispanic #karen #kevin #now #news #karensgonewild #video #videooftheday #post #hispanic #postoftheday #latin #latinx #chicano #latinosfortrump #mexicanamerican #cuban #latinos #racist #racism #america #mexicanamerican #mexican

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This Karen decided that since she doesn’t have car insurance, she can call the police on the Latino man whose car she hit, claiming she’s threatened instead. Considering it’s illegal in the state of California to drive without car insurance, we hope this Karen got her karma due when the police asked for her insurance information. 

Music hating Karen

We’ve all seen it: the talented musicians in the streets looking for a spare buck or two. Apparently though, this Karen was so offended by the beautiful voice of this girl that she needed the cops involved. Too bad for her that the young girl wasn’t violating any laws except being too talented. 

Torrance Karen

We got a twofer with this Karen. Lena Hernandez has been caught on video not once, but twice belittling Asian-Americans. The first time, she just told the woman to go back to whatever Asian country she was from. The second time was to a man with his 11 year old child who had to listen to her racist rant.

LA Karen

Lastly, we’ll end on one hell of a doozy. Being racist is wrong, but technically not a crime. On the other hand, damaging private property is. LA Karen took hammers to the victim’s car, smashing windows and doors left and right. All while screaming for him to “go back to Mexico.” Thankfully, she was arrested since she was caught on camera being a racist idiot. 

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