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Although 'Friends' ended, the TV show's will-the-won't-they romance lives on. Don't disappoint a dinosaur! Pore over these revealing Ross and Rachel quotes.

‘Friends’: Do these TV show quotes prove Rachel and Ross are endgame?

Has there ever been a couple that has aged as poorly as Ross & Rachel from Friends? Like, well, we know that the time the “will they-won’t they” between the pair was a big draw for many in regards to the sitcom series. Honestly? In the year 2021? They’re kind of the worst couple. Ross (David Schwimmer), especially, has not aged well in the ensuing years. 

So, you know what? We’re looking at all the Friends TV show quotes that prove that Ross and Rachel should have never ended up together. While Jennifer Aniston and David Schwimmer were reportedly dating (good for them), that doesn’t mean that their characters should have ended up together. Let’s look at some of the moments and/or quotes that prove this.

“We were on a break!” 

When Ross & Rachel took a break from their relationship, no one really handled it correctly. Sure, Ross’s endless refrain was definitely a meme before memes were actually a thing. But, honestly, if there is no trust & communication in a relationship, then how can a relationship truly flourish? Ross got defensive. Rachel just kept on attacking him. But, well . . . 

It just proved that the two of them tended to get their hackles up around each other. They would always feel like they had to be on the defensive over anything else. No one really wanted to talk things out. At least not in a way that the other didn’t feel like they were getting blamed for something. Also Rachel was the one that suggested that they take a break in the first place! So why is she all upset?!

The list

Listen, listen, pro-con lists are great. You can make them when deciding between a new place or like a car or even which school you want to go to. Using them to decide between two people? It doesn’t feel right, to be honest. When Ross is caught between Rachel & Julie (Lauren Tom), he makes a pro-con list to decide which woman he should end up with.

Rachel finds out and rightly schools the eff out of Ross with the following quote: “Imagine the worst things that you think about yourself. Now, how would you feel if the one person that you trusted most in the world not only thinks them too, but actually uses them as reasons not to be with you.” Seriously, Rachel, you could have done so much better. 

The back-and-forth

Okay, this is a complaint for a lot of television shows with a “will they won’t they” sort of romance. It goes double for Friends because it was on for ten years and, honestly, Ross & Rachel got exhausting after awhile. Eventually, Rachel gets to a point where she doesn’t want to be with Ross, but she doesn’t want anyone else to be with him. Girl, no, that’s not how that works.

Granted, Ross wasn’t that much better. He got jealous easily about every guy that looked at Rachel. Whenever she found someone that she could have been with he turned into a whiny pouty baby. Needless to say, neither of them were at their best when they were apart from each other either. As Rachel said, “Sometimes, things don’t work out the way you thought they would.” 

Of course, then Ross told her that she could watch it on video later. He was getting married. Again. How does Ross keep landing these women?! Then AT THE WEDDING he said Rachel’s name when reciting vows to his bride-to-be. Who even does that? Can you imagine that poor woman? Those poor guests?!

Are there any quotes that you think prove that Ross & Rachel are really, truly endgame? Or do you think that this toxic ship should have long since sank? Let us know in the comments below! 

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