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It doesn't always take high-tech cameras to make great films. Here's how some of the most prominent films were produced using a smartphone!

Which Are The Prominent Films That Are Shot On With The Use Of Smartphone

Even while it’s good to have access to cutting-edge gear and specialized lenses, some filmmakers prefer to use the camera they carry around with them.  Nearly eight out of ten Americans carry a smartphone in their pocket at all times. 

Nine years ago, just 35% of the population could say the same. Smartphones have dropped in price and are now more accessible than ever before, making them a modern-day necessity. It also means having a high-end camera in your pocket for filmmakers. 

There are a select few filmmakers who have chosen to use a digital camera instead of the more conventional filmmaking tools. As filmmakers, you may be having a hard time getting your hands on film equipment at the moment.

Your smartphone may be your sole means of generating material if you are attending courses from home. Fortunately, smartphone filming can be just as exciting as shooting with the most advanced technology. In this article, we’ll provide you with information on which are some of the best films that are shot on a smartphone.


Unsane begins from the point of view of a stalker in Steven Soderbergh’s film. In a voiceover, we learn how the object of his passion had a profound effect on him. Make no doubt about it. Unlike other women, she has no agency or existence of her outside of serving as a “thing” for this guy. 

It turns out that the stalker is David Strine (Joshua Leonard), and the victim is Sawyer Valentini (Claire Foy), whom he met while caring for David’s dying father. Seeing how she helped his father and hence David, he grew enamored with her. She became an item that made him feel good and so he felt a one-sided relationship, as they frequently do with stalkers, as a result of this. Unsane, on the surface, is a typical stalker thriller. 

Taking into account the increasing role of mobile phones nowadays, it’s not a big deal that movies are filmed with the use of smartphones. As we already mentioned, mobile phones, as it’s written here, change a lot of things in our life – they make things more sophisticated.

Soderbergh used an iPhone 7 Plus and the software FiLMiC Pro to film Unsane, which he filmed totally in secret. Unsane is a psychological horror film about a lady committed to a mental health facility after she was hounded by a stalker, as you would expect from the title. At the box office, it earned $14.3 million in Berlin in February 2018.


Tangerine was one of the first films in 2015 to be filmed entirely on a trio of iPhone 5s devices. It earned two Gotham Awards and an Indie Spirit Award for the narrative of a transsexual sex worker’s search for the pimp who destroyed her heart. The 88 minutes of iPhone video, which served as both a comedy and a drama, brought in almost $940,000 at the movie office.

Transgender sex worker Sin-Dee (Kitana Kiki Rodriguez) is on the warpath on Christmas Eve for her pimp lover Chester (James Ransone), who has been cheating on her with a non-trans newbie while she was in jail. Rodriguez lends a snappy reality to the part.

Her closest friend Alexandra (Mya Taylor), who is less than excited about helping Sin-Dee, joins her in her quest for the missing lovers as she prepares for an evening singing engagement. When not hoisting drunks out of his cab, taxi driver Razmik (Baker regular Karren Karagulian) gets paid to wash cars while pretending to have a “respectable” family life.

Tangerine is an emotional roller coaster ride that is fueled by zesty performances that crack and burn with intensity. Real warmth and companionship exist amongst these individuals amid LA’s artificiality, which softens the harshness of their sometimes terrible situations. Rodriguez and Taylor make a great on-screen couple, delivering laugh-out-loud hilarity and heartbreaking melancholy in equal measure.

High Flying Bird

A few days before filming began in June 2009, director Steven Soderbergh was let go from his project. He’d messed up the script much too much. They didn’t want him around anymore. In only a few weeks, the filmmaker announced his departure from the film industry. He said, “Movies no longer matter.” Directors were regarded like scum in the halls of power.

It’s now been over a decade. Another revolution is taking place in the world. Soderbergh hasn’t changed, but the Hollywood landscape has evolved significantly. High Flying Bird is the director’s third feature film since his comeback to filmmaking in 2017. It’s an unusual sports narrative, yet it tells the tale of an entrepreneur who defies the status quo for the love of the sport.

The 2019 release of High Flying Bird, a sports drama film, marked the film’s theatrical premiere. The narrative revolves around an unemployed sports agent. If he wants to maintain his job, he has to assist a rookie to establish his niche in the NBA over the next 72 hours. Despite being picked up by Netflix less than two weeks after its January 2019 release, High Flying Bird did not perform as well as Unsane. He utilized an iPhone 8 for the full 91 minutes of filming.

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